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Pitch versus Note – Time to Note the Pitch!

  26.02.2017   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   No comments

Nomenclature: The Difference between Note and Pitch Important to be clear on important basics. What is a Note? The term note refers to a name of a note. As in,

Major Scales – the Ultimate Shortcut!

  25.02.2017   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   4 Comments

Shortcut to Major Scales Cycle of fifths, key signatures, WWHWWWH got you confused?  Check my super simple shortcut method for naming major scales correctly. Huh? Why would you even want that?

How Many Note Names are There?

  19.02.2017   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   6 Comments

How Many Notes Are There? In the movie Amadeus, the Austrian Emperor Joseph II says to Mozart – as the last notes of the opera he had commissioned the young composer to write: “Mozart,

Bass at The Grammys

  16.02.2017   Ari   Life and Play, Tips   6 Comments

Bass at the Grammys What an amazing adventure to get to experience the 2017 Grammy Awards show (pre-telecast, telecast, and after party), and a week of parties and special events on

Scale Drills for Fills – Applied Creatively!

  15.02.2017   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   4 Comments

Scale Practice got you down? Try this and apply it! Remember the “drills for fills episode” on a while back? We got the question if I could demonstrate how

The Pistol Grip

  11.02.2017   Ari   Teaching Videos, Videos   2 Comments

This episode called “The Pistol Grip” struck a chord with many and ignited a few discussions, too. It explains my reasoning behind the use of one-finger-per-fret. It also acknowledges that

Seated Posture, Classical Guitar Style?

  9.02.2017   Ari   Learn, Technique   No comments

Great Question About Posture: Hi Ariane! This is Matthew, I met you at NAMM, I’ve made it safely back to Singapore. Just started the course (the discount code worked, thank

Pedals on the Band Stand?

  5.02.2017   Ari   Gear and Setup, Tips   4 Comments

Great Question About Pedals on the Band Stand Günter, a bassist from Germany, asks a great question after seeing my Hocket Delay Video: Hi Ariane, my audition went great and I

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