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Why I don’t do Black Friday (or any other) sales on the 20 Unit Course anymore…

Why I don’t do Black Friday (or any other) sales on the 20 Unit course anymore… Okay, guys, please stop asking about sales… Last time I ran a sale on

Care for Bertha: Gifts for the Upright Bassist

  27.11.2017   Ari   Gear and Setup, Tips   2 Comments

Big Bertha AKA “the upright” is beautiful. And if you have an upright in your home (and/or on the road) make sure you treat her right. Here is my list

Why “just keep playing” is not working… And what is

  21.11.2017   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   22 Comments

At a recent bass camp I co-taught at, a student shared her frustration with me. She had been playing for a while but felt that she was not really making

Why Intervals? Do I really need to learn them?

  14.11.2017   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   1 Comment

Why do you place so much emphasis on learning the intervals, Ari? Hi Ari, I have your book and you spend quite a bit of time on intervals. I have

21 Guns by Green Day – What key?

Excellent question – 21 Guns by Green Day – is it in D minor or F major? And how to tell? After all, both scales share the same notes: F

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