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Buzz off, Fret Buzz! (Buzz-free Bass tone)

Got a fret buzz that is just not going away? A fret buzz can really be putting a damper on the joy of playing. Here is help: First – check

Tonic – Subdominant – Dominant – Why you need to know

If you have ever opened up a music theory book, you will see the “functions” of chords within a scale. They are famously named: The “Functions”: Tonic, Subdominant, Dominant Tonic

Hearing the Modes – Made super easy!

Remember the shortcuts to Modes from last week? Here is a great ear training exercise to hearing the modes. It is so amazingly easy, it is wild. Remember there are

Kala UBass Give Away – Winner Chosen Tomorrow

Remember to enter to win the beautiful Kala UBass! That lovely Passenger Kala UBass will be drawn very soon! Repeat submissions encouraged! Lucky winner, get ready! Terms and Conditions here!

Are the Modes all Greek to You? (Super Short Cut!)

Are you Mystified by the Modes? I have a theory (not a music theory in this case, ha) which is that some are eyeing the modes with suspicion because they

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