Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya: Make it Swing! [Video 4]

make it swing

Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya: How to Make it Swing! [Video 4]


It don’t mean a thing… if it ain’t got that swing!

Learn how to use phrasing (video 3 in this series), shuffle (video 1) and syncopation (video 2) to walk with the best of them! I demonstrate exactly how to combine these rhythmic techniques so your swing does mean a thing! And don’t forget to listen and take your cues from the drummer and how they swing the phrasing of the thing!

Take a walk with me:

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Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya: Phrasing is Everything! [Video 3 of 5]



What is Phrasing? It’s everything!

This under-appreciated detail can make or break a groove. Rhythmic phrasing is a vital piece of phrasing.

Are you conscious of your note lengths and attacks? Together with dynamics and other aspects of music, they make phrasing. If you have a listening drummer it makes every jam ever so more delicious! Check out some tips!  

Don’t be a-phrased… Check it out

Make sure to also watch part 1 on Shuffled Versus Straight and part 2 on Syncopated versus straight of the series

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Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya: Syncopated Confusion! [Video 2 of 5]

Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya! (Video 2 of 5)

This happened to me at a rehearsal once. We were all giving the sixteenth notes a slight shuffle but one of us was playing them completely straight.
Me: “Hang on, the rhythm isn’t clicking. Give it a bit of a shuffle.”

Bandmate: “Shuffle? It’s not a shuffle.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s shuffled. You are playing it completely straight. That’s not the feel.”

Bandmate: “Oh, you want syncopated?”


Listen, I am not about being the theory or rhythm police, but you gotta communicate right. Or listen right, or whatever. And the fact is that syncopated is not the same as shuffled.

Don’t believe me?

I show you a straight rhythm that is syncopated and a shuffled rhythm that is syncopated!

Watch here!


Make sure to also watch part 1 of the series: Straight v Shuffle



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Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya: Shuffle v Straight! (Video 1 of 5)

Rhythm’s Gonna Get ‘Ya!

But you’ll be ready if you watch my brand new Mini-Series on Rhythm. Five bite-sized, but info-packed videos that will take the mystery out of a few rarely talked about, but super important and sometimes tricky aspects of rhythm. First up is:

Straight Versus Shuffle

Afraid to stray from the straight and narrow (rhythmically) for fear of getting lost in the shuffle?

Learn what the difference between a straight rhythm and a shuffled rhythm looks and sounds like, and how such a subtle difference can make a huge difference in the feel of the tune. I demonstrate each different rhythm separately and side-by-side so you can catch the full effect of difference.

Shuffle your mouse on over to this video – the first of five in this mini-series on rhythm!

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