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From Beginner to advanced… we have a path

DRRRRRRAFFFFFFFT this is currently in the Pattern System book section

The Pattern System is an epic journey and a revolutionary concept teaching 
fretboard proficiency, combined with improvisation and mental practice that leads to fretboard freedom. 


How is this different from the Theory book?

Music THeory for the bass player Ariane Ari CapMusic theory for the bass player ariane ari cap the course 20 unit theory courseIn Ari’s “Music Theory for the Bass Player” book you learn the foundation, the lego pieces music is made ofAKA “theory”.

You understand how the fretboard works and how music works.
You embrace the importance of shapes, fingering and technique. You get a solid theory foundation. 

In Ari’s and Wolf’s 20 Unit Theory Course you put these lego pieces to work and construct your own bass lines and practice theory, styles, and note finding with Ari. You learn to bring theory to life through improvisation.

You make these shapes yours by putting them into a variety of contexts and you begin to discover “your voice”.

Your technique begins to relax, and your solid knowledge gives you confidence! What comes next?

With the Pattern System, then, you take all these fundamentals to an entirely new world of competence