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Q&A: Switching from Four- to Sixstring

Here is a question I got in from Rob: “I am presently finishing up your course from Truefire – Pentatonic Playground which has really helped me and I love it.

Fast Fingers (TT #4)

Let’s Talk Technique of the Right Hand…   In this episode (number 4) of Talking Technique it is all about the right hand technique. Fast fingers… maybe you have been doing just

Bass Bit 9: Chromatic Shed: A Most Freeing Exercise (BB#9)

Chromatic Scale Shedding This is one of the most freeing and fun exercise imaginable – shedding the chromatic scale in a musical way using a delay pedal. If you don’t

Jumps on the Fretboard (TT#3)

  Jumps on the fretboard (Talking Technique #3, Talking Technique 3 is up on In this episode I tackle a few ways to practice playing without looking, all over

Bass Bit 8: Seconds on the Bass 1 (BB#8)

Seconds Part 1 In this segment I show you fingerings and concepts of the minor and major seconds, how to hear the difference and more. Hear and see the hip grooves demonstrated

Bass Bit 7: Interval: Prime – Fingering, Rockgrooves, Tips (BB#7)

Not prime ribs… Prime tips! This blog post contains the highlights of the interval that is called the prime. It sheds light on the question what a unison is, how

Pentatonic Playground for Bass – Special Holiday Discount!

Pssssst… I have a little holiday gift for you: readers of my blog can now get 15% discount on my course “Pentatonic Playground for Bass”.  Order by clicking through below and using the

Permutation Variation (TT#2)

As you get fitter permutating the fingers of your left hand, let’s use the permutation exercises creatively on some symmetric scales. Enjoy! Post on Episode 2 Talking Technique: Permutation

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