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Bass Player Magazine Interview

  10.04.2019   Ari   Interviews   1 Comment

Bass Player Magazine Article It is a huge honor to find myself in this month’s Bass Player Magazine with a great interview that Joel McIver conducted.   Other players featured

Why We Want You to Create Your Own Basslines Right Away

Why We Want You to Create Your Own Basslines Right From The Start Have you been playing for quite a while and been mostly copying basslines and learning songs instead

D# or Eb? Why it matters

A Quoran asked whether it matters to call the middle note of a C minor triad D# or Eb D# or Eb? Oh, yes, does it ever matter. Read my

Sweet Emotion: Bass Intro (Talking Technique)

Sweet Emotion Bass Intro The iconic Aerosmith song “Sweet Emotion” boasts a killer bass line. And because the bass starts the song – you must do it convincingly straight from

Music is often mysterious… (Breaking the rules)

It’s a fair question… after all, we learn to identify which key a piece of music is in, and we carefully think about functions of chords… there are all these

Spiral bound and ebook… We heard you!

Music Theory for the Bass Player Now Available Spiral Bound Quite a few Amazon reviewers recommended to other customers to go to a local print shop, have the spine cut

Watch my Student teach you Modes…

Take it from my student Stephen: This is how you know… that you know modes! My student Steve was kind enough to let me post this from a recent lesson.

Stop picking on pick players!

  24.01.2019   Ari   Quora, Technique   4 Comments

Got a request to answer this question about pick use. What do you think? Do you play with a pick? Your fingers? Both? Why?   Read Ariane Cap‘s answer to

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