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How do I Make a Great Bass Line as a Bass Player?

  17.08.2017   Ari   Q&A, Quora   2 Comments

Play in a band and asked to contribute a great bass line to a song? Happy jamming and want to take it a step further? Writing a song from the

Pedals on the Band Stand?

Great Question About Pedals on the Band Stand Günter, a bassist from Germany, asks a great question after seeing my Hocket Delay Video: Hi Ariane, my audition went great and I

One to Ponder as You Figure out How the Fretboard Works

Question about Notes on the Fretboard Ask and you shall receive. Matter of fact, it is really helpful to me if the student freely asks about things he or she is

The Cycle of Fifths – Why? What? How Does it Make me a Better Player?

  2.09.2016   Ari   Q&A   No comments

Cycle of Fifths? What? Why? It is completely understandable that the Cycle of Fifths often creates confusion and disconnect for bass players. Unlike classical musicians, many bassists do not come

Why learn Intervals?

  29.08.2016   Ari   Q&A   3 Comments

Just got this question in from a course participant. I know it is on the mind of many players, so here is a blog post answer, basically to the question:

Q&A: Playing with More Freedom

  8.06.2016   Ari   Q&A   5 Comments

Freedom while playing Grooves:   Ari, I look forward to your courses.  My issue is freedom while playing grooves.  When you have a reasonable understanding of theory as a beginner

Q&A: Question about Intervals in Chords

  4.05.2016   Ari   Q&A   6 Comments

Check out Mervyn’s great question about intervals in chords and my response. Mervyn asked: I recently discovered your website and YouTube channel and I’m enjoying the content. I have a

Getting to Know You, my Reader

Dear Reader, With my blog videos, the book and TrueFire course coming out, I have made a lot of changes to my teaching in the last couple of months. For

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