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What are the characteristics of Phrygian mode in music?(with sample videos)

Scroll down and click the Quora link to watch the videos: A Quoran requested my answer to the question: What are the characteristics of Phrygian? A few of the other

About the difference between major and minor scales

  11.07.2019   Ari   Quora Answers   3 Comments

A Quoran asked about the difference between major and minor scales… I tried to put myself into the shoes of someone who would ask this question below. In doing so

Music is often mysterious… (Breaking the rules)

It’s a fair question… after all, we learn to identify which key a piece of music is in, and we carefully think about functions of chords… there are all these

A Melodic Minor Key With Three Sharps…?

Let’s talk melodic minor for a second. It is a beautiful scale. What is it? It is the natural minor scale (AKA the sixth mode of the major scale, aeolian

Dumb, tone deaf or both? Bullocks! Do This Ear Training!

I just saw another heart breaking question from someone who is troubled by their ears: I have trouble taking a bass line off the recording. Am I tone deaf or

How to Solo Over a Blues?

  18.03.2017   Ari   Quora Answers   No comments

A quick and easy roadmap for a good blues solo… If you are looking to sound more bluesy, here are some tips… from the blues scale to telling your life

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