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Cohort Version of The Course

We may run another Cohort later this year!

It’s Ari’s “Music Theory for the Bass Player” Course with added layers of
Accountability, Homework, Coaches and Support

If you are interested, email us via the contact form.

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Have you dropped off online courses before? Hard staying motivated learning on your own?

Join ari’s game-changing cohort and make it to the finish line.. With a little help from your friends!

Hear what cohort graduates have to say about the cohort

What is this “Course”?

“MUSIC THEORY FOR THE BASS PLAYER” is our in-depth, comprehensive, and powerful 20-Unit flagship course. See all it has to offer.

What is this “Cohort”?

A great fit for online learners who are looking for more than a course: a classroom experience, where our coaches and peers are cheering you on!

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The “Cohort” Includes:

  • Accountability (you commit to well-defined tasks and submit short videos on a consistent and doable schedule)
  • Peer support – coaches and buddies
  • Teacher feedback to your video submissions (“Feedback Cohort”)
  • Post your weekly homework assignments! (doable and well-defined)

Sign up now for the 2022 new year’s cohort!

Because the Cohort is run with a lot of involvement (coaches, our head coach Fred, Ari) we only open the Cohort once or twice a year. Now is the time to join!

  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials
  • 20 day trial period to see if it is for you

    (“Feedback” and “One-on-one” tiers are exempt from our
    Money Back Guarantee due to limited space)

  • Installment plans available

As always we recognize and reward our loyal customers:

If you already purchased the course, you may purchase an “upgrade only” for $280.00 using the button below at this time.

Yes, that’s right, $280 total (or ten payments of $32.00) for the entire cohort! It’s a steal!

(We have only a few spots for this, so click here to reserve this option. As soon as these slots are filled we will disable this link)

When is this?

  • We have a live kick-off meeting on zoom on January 13th (recorded if you need to miss it)
  • Self-paced through the week but need to submit by the weekly deadline (Thursday midnight)
  • Coaches follow up with you if you miss your assignment submissions
  • Ask Ari featuring Wolf events every first Sunday of the month

Participant Feedback

The Cohort Starts Soon

You can take the non-guided version of the course at any time, but you can only join the Cohort when we start a new one. Previously we only did one Cohort a year starting in January…

But because there is so much interest in joining, we’re happy to announce:
A New Year’s Cohort starting January 13th, 2022!

Reserve your seat!

  • Sign Up - One-time Tuition
  • Sign Up - 10 Installments

How does the cohort work?

We keep it real and we keep it realistic.

  • Reserve 45 minutes 5 times a week. More is welcome, but 45 x 5 works
  • Make your own specific “commitments” for each unit
  • Record yourself (short videos, stay anonymous if you wish)
  • Precise instructions on how and what to practice
  • Cohort Graduates will encourage you and help you stay current
  • Peer support – you will want to show up!
  • The higher tiers have extremely limited space
  • You make your own schedule – join from anywhere in the world
  • Webinars are recorded, you can submit questions any time

What Participants are saying:

Chris D
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“I joined the cohort in January and have found recording myself to be invaluable. It lets you spot areas of technique that you should be concentrating on. The Cohort is excellent and I can honestly say I have played for a minimum of 30 minutes each day since 20th Jan when it started. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. I feel like I have improved more in 4 weeks than I did in the last 4 months.”
Fred P
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“There is something very powerful about making a public commitment and then following it up with a recording of that exercise… and the video you record is incredibly eye-opening!”
Carmie H
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“Amazed, shocked and stunned at the amount I have learned!”
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“Never seen anything so productive”
Kevin G
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“Recording myself has enabled me to see the progress I’ve made by the practicing I’ve done. It serves as a record of my progress as I look back over time at the recording to assure me of how far I’ve come in my bass studies.”

Recording Yourself

Is a centerpiece of the cohort (all tiers!).
The payoff is well worth the effort. Listen to what our recent cohort participants have said:

What did you learn from recording yourself?

Recording yourself is but one aspect of the cohort!

Hear our coaches play a medley of some course materials

  • Participants really thrive on feedback.
  • Practicing more effectively makes all the differences!
  • Personal check-ins (Cohort Roll Calls with Ari)
  • Peer support and coaches for accountability!
  • Accountability works!

Music Theory for the Bass Player

The course goes through Ari’s book, Music Theory for the Bass Player (and far beyond the book!). Get it on Amazon or as an ebook.

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