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Kevin Gonyo

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

The value of this course is simply amazing to me.  We get a ton of knowledge and the benefit of your teaching expertise as well as answers to questions we

Vanessa Rae

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

This course is amazing! I love the “Practice With Me” videos!

Joe Tumolo

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

I have wasted so much time with talented well-intended musicians who just don’t know how to teach. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Ariane. I have never

“Datrucks” David Ammerman

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

This course is great! I’ll keep at it… I’m laughing to myself at how hard it is to keep up with you, I get a lot of value, going back

Fagner Serrano

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

Thank you very much for making me a better bassist! 🙂 I’m entering week 19 – Maj and Min Pentatonics – and I am very excited about it as I

Chris B

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

I’m 40 years old and have been playing on and off since I was 15, but it never clicked for me. Your course and book have totally changed that. Things

Michael C

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

Just wanted to let everyone considering taking your 20-week bass course that it is one of the best educational investments I have ever made. The weekly classes are loads of

Chris Northington

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

Your lessons are grounded in theory and, just as importantly, you address the specific mechanical approach to the instrument with regard to technique.  It took me years to realize that

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