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“Hi Ariane, as a self-taught bass player for many years I strongly believe that I did the best investment of my life buying the course. For the first time, I hear myself playing exactly what I want, nothing more, nothing less.

… and being able to write down my first bass lines with fills in less than a week is one of the biggest steps that I could dream about a week ago. WoW?!!!”

“Yes, the course is something very hard to describe in words and how much it means to me. I remember that all I was playing on my bass for more than 30 years was Root & Five.

But now ( after studying the course with you ) I can write my own bass lines, I can read music ( before I could read TAB ) and now everything I play makes sense.  I know what I play when I play and why I play.
All of that is because of you and your team Ariane. Thank you very much for making this possible.”


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