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Loving the course. I’m finally getting my head around the theory. I was listening to a song in the car the other day and it suddenly hit me that it was 1 4 5 flat 6.  I came home and figured it out in an hour. I’m so happy I bought this course.
Btw, I’m a 59 years old  – I’ve been playing for 15 months.  I set the alarm for 5:30 AM every morning and play for an hour.  I had a teacher, but I fired him when I realized that for him a lesson was more about him impressing me than teaching me.  I’ve learned tons since I started your course – my wife thinks I have improved more in the last 3 months than in the whole year before that.
You have such a structured way of teaching that really works for me.
I’ve also checked out some of your performances.  I’m blown away by your artistry – it is very inspiring!
Well – see you at 5:30 tomorrow morning – DON’T BE LATE!
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