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Fred Pucci

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

Ari has a very natural, easy-going teaching style (born to teach!) which creates a positive and encouraging learning environment. In addition, she is very strong on proper technique. The technique sections alone

Bill S.

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

My own experience of the course has been extremely positive. As a beginner to intermediate level player, I find the lessons stimulating and challenging, taking me on average about two

Adrian Pop

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

Hi Ariane, as a self-taught bass player for many years I strongly believe that I did the best investment of my life buying the course. For the first time, I

Dave Dickens

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

I think Ariane’s approach to Theory is masterful and that it allows students to make actual progress that gets them to a place where they know their fretboards and the

Jesse Perez

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

I look forward to practicing and am developing a more purposeful approach to practice.  It seems like I am having breakthroughs every time I sit down with the instrument.

Carmie Hull

  13.12.2018   Ari     No comments

I am amazed, shocked, stunned at the amount that I learned. The course in combination with your book Music Theory for the Bass Player is an excellent value. They offer an enormous

Sheldon S

  7.12.2018   Ari     No comments

Loving the course. I’m finally getting my head around the theory. I was listening to a song in the car the other day and it suddenly hit me that it

Michael Kiraly

  21.10.2018   Ari     No comments

After gigging with rock and country bands for 30+ years, strictly by ear, I was frustrated with my limited knowledge: Me and my hands “knew” what to do to get

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