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Alex Acosta

  14.10.2018   Ari     No comments

Great Job Ari, your team did a great Job. Still the BEST Music Theory book/course, money can buy. Still a bargain. You get so much for so little. Can’t thank

Adrian Pop 2

  3.10.2018   Ari     No comments

The course is a pot of gold in my own opinion, the more you dig the more you get and I am planning to go again over the course in

Bill S., Surrey, UK

  29.09.2018   Ari     No comments

It is a pleasure to be able to give an unreservedly positive testimonial for the book and course combination Musical Theory for Bass Players by Arianna Cap.   This is

Fred Pucci

  26.09.2018   Ari     No comments

“I am currently enrolled in this course and have found it to be extremely beneficial. It is comprehensive and features a systematic approach, where each week’s new lesson builds on

Hans DeWitt

  26.09.2018   Ari     No comments

“You’re the first Bassplayer/teacher/person I have come across that’s able to go “beyond” the technical, or to make “us” (certainly me) see that it’s not very complicated or very technical. Well


  26.09.2018   Ari     No comments

“With much satisfaction and personal gratification, I’m happy to say that a few  weeks ago I completed my first pass through all of the material included in Music Theory for the

Dr. Dave Walker

  26.09.2018   Ari     No comments

“Bass players rejoice! Music Theory for the Bass Player presents music theory as it matters: to improve your playing and your hearing. And all from the perspective of the bass player. Ariane Cap has put together

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