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“Just wanted to let everyone considering taking your 20-week bass course that it is one of the best educational investments I have ever made. The weekly classes are loads of

Chris Northington

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“I first ran across your videos on no treble and I was particularly drawn to the fact that your lessons are grounded in theory and, just as importantly, you address


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“Best investment I ever made!” Barry P, August 2016

Ed T.

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“The price of this course is a bargain!” Ed T. 

Amazed, shocked and stunned at the amount that I learned

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“With much satisfaction and personal gratification, I’m happy to say that a few weeks ago I completed my first pass through all of the material included in Music Theory for the

Amazing Value

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“The value of this course is simply amazing to me.  We get a ton of knowledge and the benefit of your teaching expertise as well as answers to questions we

Fred Pucci

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“I am currently enrolled in this course and have found it to be extremely beneficial. It is comprehensive and features a systematic approach, where each week’s new lesson builds on the

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