47 Video Lessons

Jam-Packed with Theory, Technique & Groove Essentials!

No fluff - Just the good stuff! You'll get a primer on proper technique plus all the critical elements of music theory... presented in practical terms as it relates to the fretboard. Lots and lots of groove shedding, including several opportunities for you to play along with Wolf's awesome jam tracks. Creative, refreshing, fun!


You go to a jam and the drummer kicks things off with a catchy beat. The guitar player drops in a few chord sand that’s when you jump in with your own grooves and fills - totally on the fly and it feels amazing! Expressing your ideas in a manner that garners the respect of your bandmates, friends and fans alike! It feels amazing to be able to do that!

Okay, but why this course… why Ari? 

I'm Ariane Cap 


I have been playing bass for over 27 years and have been teaching for the better part of 20 years. I've been featured regularly on Scott's Bass Lessons, NoTreble, Truefire and the International Society of Bassists to name just a few.
I've been written about in leading industry publications like Bass Player Magazine, Bass Musician Magazine, Der Bass Professor, Riff Magazine and Bass Quarterly. I was one of four winners of a Bass Player Magazine Reader's Poll and even landed on the cover of Bass Player magazine, dubbed "The Education Guru".

My book, Music Theory for the Bass Player, has sold thousands of copies and is a frequent Amazon #1 Best Seller in the Bass Guitar Songbooks category, with lots of overwhelmingly positive reviews!

I am an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher with a substantial track record of delivering real results for students just like you at every level in their bass journey. But, better that you hear from the folks who have taken the Course in there own words. Listen to what they have to say:

What they say about Ari

I just had another aha moment, (why I love your lessons, you allow us to figure it out, without giving it all away. Good way of learning permanently!)...
Your teaching style is unique and how you present it, is in a building block manner and fun. You forment creativity. Thank you.

Antonio Lopez MD

"Isn’t it funny how some teachers—–like you——–can make things simple——while others can make the same things complicated? There’s an old saying that a good teacher can show you the right way in 5 minutes or an hour, that would take years on your own."

Paul Brooke - Bassist

"I feel like I’m progressing with my understanding of music and how it relates to the Bass guitar. I look forward to practicing and am developing a more purposeful approach to practice.  It seems like I am having breakthroughs every time I sit down with the instrument."

Jesse Perez - Bassist

With our new Core Principles course, 
you’ll learn

  • How to create your own grooves over back ground tracks
  • How improvising music theory shapes helps to make theory stick
  • Why technique is important for good tone 
  • Various concepts to come up with your own grooves in a variety of styles
  • A Basic Groove Creation Recipe

20-Day Money-Back Guarantee on the online version.
100% refund for 20 days – no questions asked!

What's included

 • 47 brand new videos

• Run Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes

• PDFs and Jamtracks

• Mind bending and fun quizzes

• Participation in our monthly Q&A "Ask Ari Live featuring Wolf"

Explore Music Theory Shapes over Reggae, Rock, Disco, Bossa Nova and many other fun styles.

Our Groove Formula shows you what to pull out of your growing musical toolbox to make it sound great!

If you have tried to wrap your mind around music theory before and it just did not "click" how knowing scales and arpeggios is supposed to help your playing. This course answers that question… because it works:

Groove it to remember it!

core principles data cd

This Course is available to stream online or as a data CD to play on your computer. 

To purchase the Data CD version click the images*. 

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 Essential Elements of Music Theory

47 Video Lessons Jam-Packed with Theory, Technique & Groove Essentials 

Who Is This Course For?

  • For anyone who enjoys shedding a variety of grooves using jam tracks while on a concrete assignment and mission.
  • This Course is beginner friendly!
  • Great for intermediate players!
  • If you are in our big "Music Theory for the Bass Player" Course you will enjoy these exercises and drills. All new material!
  • Develop great technique habits from the start. 
  • For you if you want to be able to create your own grooves!

* Return postage applies when returning Data CDs. 

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