Eartraining & Transcribing Mondays

ArisBassBlog proudly presents:

EarTraining Mondays

with Ari

Ear Training and Transcribing Mondays!

Eartraining Mondays

EarTraining Mondays - What is it?

A highly effective ongoing Series with Ari!
Not a theory class, and not your smartphone’s EarTraining app either – this is intuition training!

We meet (most) Mondays at 12.30 Pacific/3:30 PM Eastern for half an hour of EarTraining!

Eartraining has several layers and can and should be practiced in many different ways.

I have seven different ways I mix and match constantly. Even if you think you are tone deaf, you can learn (because most likely you aren’t clinically tone deaf. if you were you would not be so drawn to music!). 

If you like to learn more about my seven favorite ways of training the ear you can check out my course Ear Confidence – 7 Paths to Fearless Ears. It is a very deep course that provides endless hours of on-your-own practice. However, I noticed that learners really benefit from live practice with me in particular when it comes to ear training. In these sessions, we do just that!

Practicing this regularly is a surefire way to get better at this! And doing it with guidance is what will give you excellent and reliable results

All you have to do is show up and join us!

And Here is the Wild Part

We made EarTraining Mondays a part of our Membership!

So if you sign up for EarTraining Mondays you are becoming a member and can participate in as many of our other membership events as you wish! Beginner Classes? Theory? Technique? Intermediate? Advanced? Join! 

Check out our calendar below!

All events with this image are included in your membership: 🦡
Number of stars means level: ⭐️ (easier) to harder ⭐️⭐️⭐️

How Our Membership Works

What is the best place to start?

If you are new to my teaching, become a member. I will get to know you and will advise!