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ArisBassBlog proudly presents:

Roaring Rock Riffs 1

with Rob Smith

Roaring Rock Riffs

Is this for me?

⇒ Do you wanna Rock? Then it’s for you!

Says Rob:

For as long as I’ve been playing and listening to Rock, there is one thing that instantly hooks me to a song. A great riff. Whether it is Classic Rock, Punk, Metal, Grunge, or Prog, the ability to write and play amazing riffs has always been an essential component in Rock. In this course, we will learn 50 of the greatest Riffs ever written and learn exercises to help you create your own.

It is for you if you:

⇒ Want to learn Classic Riffs from the ’60s to 2000s
⇒ Want to analyze the techniques, tones, note choices, and rhythms that make riffs great
⇒ Want to create your own Riffs


⇒  You only need basic technique and theory knowledge.
⇒  All examples will be written out in standard notation and tab.

What about the Levels I, II, III?

⇒  Start with Level I or or a higher Level. While the tunes follow a sequence from easier to harder, the most important thing about the levels is that the tunes are different. 

So if you have done Level I, sign up for II. 

If you are taking your first class with Rob, pick either one! 

How Live Classes Work

      • Welcome to Ten Week Live Classes with a small group of peers LIVE on zoom or doozzoo with Ari or a handpicked teacher!

          • Meetings every week for 10 weeks!  
          • Specific practice assignments clearly described. 
          • Each Live Class gets recorded and stays available to the attendees for the duration of the class plus an additional ten weeks afterwards.
          • These classes are highly interactive – practice together with me and hear yourself only as everyone is on mute!  
          • We offer many opportunities to play in front of the group to those who would like to do so. While it is always your choice, we always encourage you to volunteer to present your assignment.
          • You can post written homework to our discussion boards.
          • Our success rate for these groups has been exceptionally high. This is because the group format takes the pressure off and you learn while seeing others work toward the same goal. You are among friends and your teacher is personally coaching you using a streamlined program.  
          • Some of our groups have been together for 40 weeks or longer. The sense of community, encouragement and support is amazing. 
          • All you need is an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam (many computers have these built in already). 

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