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Tips for Teachers

I created and ran a local music school that I started way back in 2009. It was called “Step Up Music Vallejo” and was the buzz of the town, with our rock camps for kids, music for pre-schoolers, lessons for adults, school assemblies, recitals… at one point we had two floors and 14 teachers! We were featured in the newspaper and on local media all the time and our patrons loved us.
Here is an example by the Vallejo Times Herald:


I paid attention to why some teachers were very successful and others not so much and created policies, processes and procedures that predictably lead to success. I eventually taught a blue print of success to our teachers that worked!

I had also done the “online thing” very successfully long before Covid hit. Replicating some of the brick-and-mortar strategies in the online space, paying attention to the differences and similarities, where online failed and where it thrived… I was able to create a thriving online teaching studio long before my first book came out.
Colleagues and peers ask me all the time about “how I did it” and how they, too, can build a thriving teaching business, whether online or brick-and-mortar. Become a member and join the live sessions and Q and A!

From tech to teaching tips, let’s talk teaching.

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Tips for Teachers

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