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Rapid Results Practice – A New Way to Learn Bass

Rapid Results Practice – A New Way to Learn Bass

The Right Practice is Key

If you have ever tried studying bass online – via youtube, a course, or TABs downloaded from the web, you likely know that it can be quite hard to make any real gains.

Sure, you may learn a bass line here, pick up a TAB there, and get some songs going. But one youtube says “this”, another course says “that”, leaving you with no idea where you stand or what to do next! Distraction looms everywhere and it is not clear what you should practice next.

Or even what that means… “practice”!

To truly be successful studying the bass there needs to be

  • consistency
  • a step-by-step, comprehensive approach
  • and – the most important support of all – personal guidance on what exactly and how to practice effectively for rapid results!

The good news is that we have found a way to offer just that (and more!) from Ari herself.

Become a Member and Practice with Ari regularly!

As a member of Ari’s Bass Community you can:

  • Join as many live practice sessions as offered (We call it Rapid Results Practice)
  • Receive feedback and personal guidance
  • Choose your Level!
  • Practice along with live, recorded, or featured sessions – a well-rounded productive practice session each time!
  • Participate in weekly EarTraining and Transcription Sessions (just those alone are worth the price of admission!)
  • Post your homework videos
  • Take part in our community boards
  • Enjoy member-only discounts and specials

How does this work?

This is an ongoing membership and you can start and stop at any time simply by going into your account.

We offer many programs and study formats. Becoming a member and joining the live sessions is hands down the best place to start transforming your practice!

Ari will get to know you and give you feedback and concrete practice suggestions. You are studying with a small group of peers which is less intense than one-on-one lessons and there is the added bonus that you learn from the questions of others.

  • Choose from several different levels and timeslots
  • Always a well-rounded practice session at your fingertips
  • Watch reruns, short features, or search by topic
  • Consistency and Motivation: It’s on your schedule – it’s on your mind!

Membership also gives discounts to our other offerings such as courses, cohorts, and topic-specific 10-week practice groups.


Fear naught!

How active you want to be is up to you 

  • You can stay on mute and practice along in the background – great! 
  • Or, volunteer for a drill and get real-time feedback from Ari – even better!  

 Our community of students is super supportive bass lovers from all walks of life!

The people who find their way to us are all deeply passionate about learning and know that it takes courage, and an open mind to get really good.  

Eartraining and Transcription Mondays

Having a hard time trying to transcribe bass lines by ear?
Not sure about what you hear and how theory can help? Or how to reach what you hear inside? Ear-Training Mondays can definitely help and are included in our membership!

Join Now

The best thing to do is to get started and check it out. Ari’s private one-on-ones run at $275 per lesson. Now you can gain access to her guidance at a fraction of the cost!

…And Take Advantage of our Special

Sign up now –
Ongoing membership is $99 a month, but if you sign up before the deadline you can get 15% off for the first 3 months!

Use coupon newmember15 during checkout (click the “Have a Coupon” link)


Click the image or this link:  newmember15

You will see the discount applied at checkout. This special expires on 12-10-22









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