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The Book Music Theory for the Bass Player

explains the basic building blocks of music are and how they are put together.

  • 89 video demonstrations of the concepts
  • 184 pages of content relating to the bass fret board
  • an in-depth technique chapter
  • hundreds of Test Your Understanding Questions to fill in
  • dozens of fret board diagrams
  • a reference and comprehensive guide to playing with more confidence and freedom

Ariane Cap Music THeory for the Bass Player

The Course Music Theory for the Bass Player

  • systematically walks you through studying and applying each page of the book
  • uses and practices the theory concepts in grooves
  • offers extended technique exercises that get progressively harder
  • practices theory in various creative applications, including through the cycle and chord changes
  • practices note finding systematically all over the fret board
  • styles study
  • song samples and analyses
  • weekly assignments for 20 units, most people take it at two units a month speed
  • practice tips
  • 22 hours of video (in addition to the 89 book videos)
  • 127 PDF transcriptions (180 pages)
  • 130 back ground tracks composed specifically for this course
  • Ask Ari Live
  • Mind bending Theory Quizzes
  • Coaching questions and videos!
  • Reminders, Reviews, Rewards!

The course offers in-depth study with lots and lots of applications for fills and grooves of various styles where I am with you every single step of the way. You can even ask me questions in the Ask Ari section. Now New: Live Q&A’s! If you raise your hand I can invite you on stage and you can show off your latest grooves and fills, ask a technique question hands-on bass, or the like, and we can all see and hear you. Or you can just watch in the background and submit questions via the chat! This monthly check in gives participants a boost and helps stay on track!

The Course is also great for

  • folks who prefer guidance through the book,
  • college students,
  • players who really want to get serious now.

20-day money-back guarantee so you can safely evaluate if it is for you!

Music THeory for the Bass Player The Course

The Wall Chart Music Theory for the Bass Player

  • The newest of Ari’s products, the chart is great for overview without having to thumb through the book pages
  • Connections between concepts at one glance
  • Constant reminder of the most important and foundational aspects of music theory (isn’t it comforting that it all fits on an 18 by 27 wall chart?)
  • An excellent practice tool for a complete theory foundation run-down

 Comes with three video tutorials (45 minutes of video instruction)

Music Theory Wall Chart, Bass

Private Lessons

One-on-ones with Ari online.

Typical scenarios for one-on-ones:

  • If you have struggled in the past and have a hard time overcoming a plateau.
  • Maybe you find yourself in a motivational slump.
  • Maybe you are in the course and want additional accountability.
  • You want Ari’s “pattern system” and don’t want to wait for the book.
  • On a quest for great timing and rhythmic freedom?
  • This stumps you: you don’t know what to do over chord changes.
  • Want walking bass coolness!
  • Your technique needs a bit of help.
  • Feedback! You crave feedback and perspective.

There is a lot of systematic, comprehensive material that is not yet available in course or book format that we consider vitally important.

For example:

  • Ari’s Rhythm Matrix
  • The Pattern System

And also

  • Tap-Slap-Pop
  • Pedalmania
  • Solo Bass Techniques
  • and a hole host more.

To sign up for private lessons go here. Availability is limited; easy scheduling; first come first served. Choose First Lesson if this is your initial lesson. Full money back guarantee – if you did not like the first lesson it is on us!

Ari’s Courses on TrueFire.com

Check out all my courses with TrueFire here

More Great Ways to Learn

Ari’s column Talking Technique on no treble is a treasure trove of technique exercises! Check it out!

Ari is also a Quora contributor and regular contributor to the epic scottsbasslessons.com  – a place every bass player should belong to, quite frankly! Great community, content and comraderie!

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