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Step up your bass playing with Ari's Personalized Paths for Practice Memberships, Live Masterclasses, on-demand courses, and Cohorts.

Fast-track to fretboard freedom

Personalized Paths, Productive Practice

Best of all worlds: get live feedback and work with Ari as a member and in masterclasses or study at your own pace by attending courses or practicing with videos

Personal guidance from Ari

Get unstuck with personal feedback and guidance from Ari

Game-changing methods

Noted books, innovative techniques, and tailored practice regimens for fast results

Structured environment

Step by step instruction and consistent teaching defined by levels

Quality over quantity practice

Productive smart practice in a distraction free zone

Flexible learning paths

Always a powerful practice session at your fingertips

Learn from the songs

Don't just copy or play the TAB - break free to practice like the pros

How we teach

Tried & true across 15,000+ students

Our students range from hobbyists to pros and everyone in-between.
What unites them: they want to get better, fast!

Live feedback & coaching

Innovative learning formats make you feel like you are taking private lessons with a small group of peers.

Consistent methods

Drills include NoteFinders, Groove & Fill, Box Mnemonics, Overlays, Reductions, Rhythmic Templates, Finger Kung Fu, and more.

Ari teaching live

Levels, exams, and more

We define clear levels and a clear path. Need more practice before moving on? We got it. At your own pace or with accountability and support.

Triplets in Walking Bass

Bassline Study: The Ari Way

Go beyond imitation - become a musician!

Pattern-based learning

Uncover the hidden patterns within music. Ari uses powerful core principles to train your musical mind.

Coaching for all levels of commitment

Whether it's a hobby for you or you are all in and want to step on it - you can find your pace here!

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Featured by leading bass websites and publications

Solid principles, real results - our numbers tell the story

In addition to our stats below, Ari has crafted over 1,600 personalized lesson notes for students throughout the years.


Seminars taught

From basic to advanced, Ari has taught over 700 seminars in-person and online.


Books sold

Over 1,100 reviews and a 4.7-star rating!
Our books come with videos for self-study.


Subscribers and blog readers

Our content improves and inspires bass playing all over the world.

Upcoming Masterclass

Join Live • A 12 Week Beginner's Masterclass

For players of all skill levels

What's the best choice for me?

Levels are subjective and context-dependent. A great fit is crucial - we define our levels carefully so as to provide reliable results through step-by-step learning.


No experience. Get a strong foundation!

Theory Book Companion Course

Self Study
20 sessions

A 20-session course going through Ari's Theory Book with Ari. This was recorded with a live audience. Jamtracks, PDFs, videos. Best place to start.

Buy for $35

Beginner Masterclass

Live with Ari
12 weeks
Starts May 21st

A LIVE masterclass with Ari. 12 weeks, step by step from zero to a strong foundation. Starts May 21, 2024.

Buy for $675

Bass Explorer

You play some songs, are okay with basic theory terms. Build on your foundation.

Make Theory Stick

Self Study
Short Course

A short playful course on how to always remember music theory.

Buy for $35

Our 20-Unit Theory Course

Self Study
20 Units

Our 20-unit flagship course that builds on Ari's theory book and goes far beyond it with musical applications, bass line lab, notefinder drills, finger kung fus, and more.

Buy for $250

Bass Boss

Make the fretboard yours! Explore your creativity and develop your voice.

The Pattern System Masterclasses

Self Study
6 levels
10 modules

Learn about the fretboard inside out and train your musical mind. Recorded live with an audience on Zoom. 10 hours of video PDFs, and jamtracks.

Buy for $175

Ear Confidence

Self Study
88 Modules

A comprehensive ear training course for Bass players.

Buy for $280

Ongoing live practice with Ari

Practice with Ari Memberships

Spend a productive time on the bass, and feel yourself improve on schedule!

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Archives Pass

$45 /month

Complete archive of Ari's live practice events.


Songs practiced the "Ari way"


Sessions, updated regularly


Live Practice With Ari

$99 /month

Practice live with Ari and bassplayers like you.


New practice regimens each month


Minutes of live practice with Ari per month

Everything in the Archives Pass, PLUS

*Terms and Conditions apply

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Practice with Ari


Practice along with Ari LIVE or with the archives. Always spend a productive time on the bass and feel yourself improve!


Archives Pass

$45 /month

Complete archive of Ari's live practice events.


Songs practiced the "Ari way"


Sessions, updated regularly


Live Practice With Ari

$99 /month

Practice live with Ari and bassplayers like you.


New practice regimens each month


Minutes of live practice with Ari per month

Everything in the Archives Pass, PLUS

*Terms and Conditions apply


What our students say

For over 9 years, we've trained thousands of musicians. Here's what a few of them say...

Jim S 🇺🇸

Jazz Bassist

I walked my first bass in 1974 and many hours since then, and learnt more in 10 weeks than all those years put together. This course helped me understand why I did what I did well, and gave me a whole new repertoire to make my walking lines more interesting and varied. Highly recommended!

Paul B 🇨🇦

5-string Bassist

This was the second time I took the Pattern System Level 1 course and it was incredibly worthwhile. I picked up on a number of aspects of the pattern system that I overlooked the first time through. It has really helped to cement the pattern system in my brain and has improved my knowledge of the fretboard (including the 5-string). I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants a thorough knowledge of the electric bass.

Durandus V 🇳🇱

Bassist for 2 years

I love the pattern system. I am an engineer and this approach is perfect for me. I have done the 20-unit course and now level two of the pattern system so all I know is what you have taught me. The written homework was like coloring-for-adults and at the same time learning the fretboard and chords and intervals and much more, I loved doing it.

Laurent D 🇬🇧

Fretless Bassist

One of the killer aspects of the membership is the possibility to join several live sessions each week. Another aspect is that Ari gives you a lot of material to dig deeper into (eg: pdfs, musescore, iRealPro, etc...). It's quite rich! I get a solid, lively, dynamic framework to build my everyday practice with… I love the depth of the explanations. She knows her stuff and has so many ways to drill down on any particular aspect. I am learning as I am practicing. Sound trivial but it's not. If you feel like you are going nowhere, this is the place where everything makes sense.

Jesse P 🇺🇸

Latin Rock Bassist

Hi Ariane, I just wanted to let you know that I am getting so much out of the ear training course. I am on lesson #10, and I am becoming much more aware of how to distinguish the notes. I can see how this course is going to give me a game plan on how to listen better and be able to transcribe music. I’m really excited to do the exercises you suggested to really listen and describe what I hear. The sounds classification information is eye-opening (maybe ear opening is a better description) but you know what I mean. Awesome stuff!

Tracie W 🇺🇸

Professional Bassoonist

I just finished Ari’s Rhythm Course and I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it was. She has come up with such a great way to get the rhythms into your body. I have struggled with syncopation and off beat sixteenth notes for years as a classically trained bassoonist and although I still have a long way to go to get every single subdivision lined up exactly right, I am finally on the right path.


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Drills for Fills

Playing fills is fun. These scalar drills sound great and give you great ammunition for fills. And they are a great technique drill, too! After posting this s...

Ariane Cap

Captain at Large, Bassist

Meet Ariane

Your Educator: Ariane "Ari" Cap

Ariane “Ari” Cap, is a world-class bassist who played, recorded, and/or toured with Generation Esmeralda, The Sippy Cups, Tempest, Muriel Anderson, Paul Hanson, Stu Hamm (as a bass duo), film composer Geoff Koch and others.

Called the “Education Guru” by Bass Player Magazine and a “natural teacher” by her students, Ari is the creative force behind groundbreaking bass education: The author of “Music Theory for The Bass Player” and (with Wolf Wein) “The Pattern System for the Bass Player,” creator of programs such as the Rhythm Matrix, EarConfidence, and a host of other bass methods, Ari has a solid track record of leading bassists to game-changing results.

You may recognize her from her appearances on Scott’s Bass Lessons and TrueFire, or perhaps you’ve delved into her insightful column, “Talking Technique,” on notreble. Ari offers bass learning to all levels via innovative avenues.

She has studied at the University of Music in Vienna, the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, the University of South Florida, and the University of West London, from which received her Master’s of Music degree. She has been mentored by Kai Eckhardt, Michael Manring, Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey. Ari’s biggest influence and partner in life, bass and business remains her teacher and collaborator Wolf Wein.

Find out more about Ari as a bass player here, or educator here.