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What you need to know about “Diminished”
Ari | 18, May

The thing with the word “diminished” is, it is used in so many different contexts it can really throw one for a loop: scale? triad? four note chord? or just an interval?? To make matters worse there is no unified system of how to name chords, so when someone says Cdim, that’s a triad! But

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Kala Ubass Give Away
Win a Kala U-Bass!
Ari | 06, May

I am super excited – I have a new endorsement with Kala UBasses!   Ubasses are so much fun, I can’t put mine down!!     Want to Win Yours? To celebrate, Kala and me are giving away a Kala UBass to one lucky winner chosen at random. Here is how to enter – and to maximize

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Second INversion Hit Music THeory Bass Music THeory for the bass Player
Second Inversion Hit: Van Halen to Branford Marsalis
Ari | 04, May

After taking a look at the first inversion of a triad (sampled with Deep Blue Something’s Breakfast at Tiffany), let’s check out the second inversion. If you missed the basics, here they are: What’s the second inversion of a triad? Play it on your bass to hear it G/D? Say “G over D”: A G-major triad

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s: First Inversion
Ari | 27, April

Last week’s blog post talked about interval inversions. But not only can intervals be inverted – chords also can! How? The same way – just take the lowest note and move it up the octave. The example below shows a G major triad, consisting of the root (G), the major third (B) and the fifth

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Vallejo Empress Theatre Nick Phillips gig
In the News (and at The Empress)
Ari | 20, April

Collaborating! One of the most rewarding activities as a musician – is collaborating! Creating, together, something from nothing, sharing a vision, doing the work, the practicing, the promoting, the charts, the setlists, the invite lists… I am proud and happy to introduce to you my new project with trumpeter and GRAMMY® recognized Producer Nick Phillips. Trumpet

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Interval INversions Ariane Cap
Turned Around on Inversions?
Ari | 20, April

Inversions often cause some confusion, so here is a breakdown. Several music theory items can be inverted. Let’s start here with… Interval Inversions Intervals can ascend or descend. If you play a fifth ascending and then play that backwards – that is NOT an inversion, though many think that. Inversions are important to grasp for

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thunderstruck AC/DC ariane Cap
Thunderstruck: Shedding a song Talking-Technique Style
Ari | 13, April

Thunderstruck Technique! Sure, learning songs is very important; at the same time, I am a big proponent of technique drills on the bass. But why not combine both worlds for a nice double whammy? That’s what this episode of Talking Technique is about. Get ready to be thunderstruck talking-technique style, because AC/DC inspired a pretty

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Stop! Don’t Practice a Mistake…
Ari | 06, April

The hardest thing to do when practicing can often be – to STOP. Stop, and then evaluate. Somehow we tend to have it in our minds that practicing only counts when we hear something coming out of our instruments and our fingers are moving. But nothing could be further from the truth. Mindless repetition, the

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transposing instrument bass
Did You Know That The Bass is a Transposing Instrument?
Ari | 30, March

What is a Transposing Instrument? Transposing means porting a piece of music into a different key or range. Some instruments are “transposing instruments” which means that the note written on the score is, in fact, not the pitch that is sounding. There are two main reasons why there are “transposing instruments” 1 • Ease of

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Bach for Two
Bach for Two Times Two
Ari | 23, March

Bach me up! Need Bach up? Alright, enough with the puns, let’s get to some serious shedding. Bassists have loved playing Bach’s music on the electric for eons – be it the famous cello suite number 1 , pieces from the Welltempered Clavier or others – JS’s bass lines rock! There is something about the function of the

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Why Should I Practice Technique? I Just Want to Learn Songs…
Ari | 16, March

Why should I practice Technique? Isn’t it a waste of time and much better to practice songs instead? Whenever I heard that argument I used to throw my hands up and say – I don’t even know where to begin! It seems that saying – Nike style – “just do it” is a faster way to

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habits Ariane Cap
How to Become Great in Just Two Minutes a Day?
Ari | 09, March

Before you think this is some sort of hype – hear me out. There is good science behind this… The Tiny Habits® method developed by Stanford Persuasion Lab’s BJ Fogg is a powerful method for developing habits. BJ Fogg, PhD, teaches us that if something is hard to do, the motivation needs to be high to do it.

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used bass Ari's Bass Blog
Buying Used? Check this or you may be in for a nasty surprise!
Ari | 02, March

Used Versus New? Used and new, both are great choices! If a bass is new it is a blank canvas waiting for your fingers to shape its tone. If it is used it has a story to tell. Are you its next chapter? But if you do buy used… keep in mind: The Most Important Thing to

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What Worked and What didn’t Work in School And How to Apply it to BASS
Ari | 23, February

I received an email this morning from a course participant (let’s call him CP). He received the Monthly Ask Ari reminder and felt pressured as if failing at school, not good enough, not with the program… Ari, I am so behind on the course. Can I even participate in Ask Ari Live?? For those of you who don’t know, Ask Ari

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How to Test a Bass (or: what not to do on a first date!)
Ari | 17, February

Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day. Did it make you remember your first date? How about your first date with your bass? Test Test… So, you are looking for a new instrument. Time to test it. Maybe you are at NAMM Show or Guitar Center. Or you are lucky enough to have a place

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Slappety NAMM main stage
What Makes me go WOW: Not Slappety, But You Doing You
Ari | 09, February

Slappety-Slap Mania Last week the exuberant spectacle known as the NAMM show occurred in Anaheim, California. (I wrote about what the NAMM Show is here). I had a fabulous time, got to meet up and catch up with bass besties from all over the US and the world and enjoyed playing several concerts and performances

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Welcome to NAMM Show! Wait, what?
Ari | 23, January

NAMM Show No doubt you have heard about this loud spectacle in Anaheim that commences every third week of the new year for four days! But – if you have never been – what is the hype about this event? And what, actually, is it? What is it? NAMM stands for National Association of Music

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RevSound Clinic Ariane Cap
Rare in-person Clinic on the East Coast: For the Love of Tone
Ari | 21, January

East Coast, Anyone? Come join me for this cool live Clinic! Please join me for a rare and free in-person clinic in Burlington, MA! There will be break-out sessions, master classes, concerts and more. Check out the featured artists, gear samplings, and sponsors on the poster above! RevSound is the company putting on this clinic

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Pivot Permutations
Pivot Permutations Series (Talking Technique)
Ari | 10, January

Pivot Perms… If you have been following my prescriptions for good bass technique you have come across my recommendations for permutation exercises (powerful technique exercises to get your fingers nimble and moving independently from each other, yet in sync with your plucking hand); check out the basics of permutation exercises here, a few variations to

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2018 New Year snapshot
New Year Snapshot: Skills Assessment Sheet
Ari | 04, January

Happy New Year, Bass Blog Friends! Ah, a fresh start! 2018 is here and a new adventure begins. In a way, it is just a date on the calendar, but since our time on earth in our current form is limited, a new year is always a milestone, reminding us of that fact while feeling

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see Ariane Cap Eyes
Close Your Eyes and See in New Ways…
Ari | 25, December

Eyes closed…. When I wrote this article for notreble about playing without looking at the fretboard, about the micro and macro ways of feeling the instrument and how that can help us practice and play better, I did not at all expect to receive an email such as the below. Thank you, Eric, for sharing your

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Healthy Bassist

Persuasive Point For Good Bass Technique

November 30, 2015   14 Comments

In this blog post I will put a bit of attention on the importance of good overall bass technique when playing and tell you about an awesome experience I had a few months ago that plays right into healthy bass technique. Effective Bass Technique – My Take in a Nut Shell I believe effective right

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