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A Great Way to Shed a Scale Effectively!

Scale shedding (this is Pattern VI in the key of A major for those of you have my Pattern System book!) is on tap here. Ever wonder why just knowing the notes

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Ringing in the New year with a LOW B!

I am thrilled to be a panelist at the upcoming LOW B inaugural conference! I am looking forward to this fantastic opportunity to network with other women bass

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This Christmas Solo Bass Version

It is this time of the year and I sincerely hope this Christmas finds you well! Here is a little musical greeting for you that I created for my friends at doo

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Rapid Results Practice – A New Way to Learn Bass

The Right Practice is Key If you have ever tried studying bass online – via youtube, a course, or TABs downloaded from the web, you likely know that it

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What Does “Comping” Mean?

“Hey, bass player, can you comp for me?” Don’t let that word stump you. It simply means accompanying another musician so they can play somet

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Music Learning Tip: Chunking! 

💡Chunking = reducing the complexity of a problem by breaking it into smaller bits and then grouping those bits into chunks. It will help you memorize and l

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