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Ari is an experienced teacher who will guide you through the creativity of playing the bass guitar. Her book, Music Theory for the Bass Player, combined with her new online bass guitar course will get you improving your grooving one fret at a time.

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quiet E string
Quiet E string? Bass not sounding balanced?
Ari | 25, May

Is your Bass sounding Timid and Quiet on one particular string? In a bass we want as balanced a sound as possible. If one of the strings is by its nature on the skimpy side, that can be a problem, especially for the fat E. Or the low B on a five. Keep in mind that

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Beautiful PRactice in Minor
Beautiful Practice in Minor
Ari | 22, May

Beautiful Practice in Minor Remember Beautiful Practice? I did this exercise in major and it made a favorites’ list on notreble. So I thought I bring it back, this time as Beautiful Practice in Minor. One of my personal favorites, it is so cool because it is a heck of a mental workout, as well as

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Doing a Clinic Near You?
Ari | 21, May
Online is great - but in person is best Big thanks to Shaana and Bananas at Large  in San Rafael for putting today's clinic on! Cheers to everyone who came out to join me for two hours straight of music theory talk, technique talk, pedal talk, "beautiful practice" talk... We went through a lot of topics and playing
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Happy Walls… The Wall Chart (AKA Music Theory Cheat Sheet)
Ari | 20, May

The wall chart – AKA the Music Theory Cheat Sheet – has arrived on walls all over the globe… New orders are pouring in every day. We have shipped to 17 countries and 35 US states so far. The pre-order phase has passed, but you can order on amazon now, or for international or signed copies, click

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Ari's Interval Formula
Ari’s Interval Formula for the Bass Player Explained
Ari | 17, May

The Interval Formula started with me calling an octave a “2 by 2” and a fifth a “2 by 1″… A “2×2” is a mnemonic for one great way of fingering the octave on the bass: two frets over, two strings over. Same principle for the fifth… Mnemonics rock my world when teaching because they drive complex

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bananas clinic ariane Cap
Bay Area Peeps, Watch Ari Go Bananas!
Ari | 16, May

Hi Bay Area Friends, I will be doing a rare in-person clinic with Q&A, book signing and wall chart signing at one of my favorite Bay Area Music Stores, Bananas at Large in San Rafael. Some FAQs about the event: Bring instrument? Come to just listen or bring your bass to play along, plug in or not, up to

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ear training
Dumb, tone deaf or both? Bullocks! Do This Ear Training!
Ari | 13, May

I just saw another heart breaking question from someone who is troubled by their ears: I have trouble taking a bass line off the recording. Am I tone deaf or just dumb? What to do? Some people are less than helpful and say well meaning things like: “Just listen to it and you will get

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b5 or #11?
Distinction between a #11 and b5 chord?
Ari | 09, May

Enharmonically Speaking a #11 and a b5 are the same… What this means is that a #11 and a b5 lead you to the same note: The #11 from C is F#. The b5 from C is Gb. Same difference, different naming. Why is it important? Bit of an advanced theory answer below – it involves

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Bass PLayer Magazine Ariane Cap
Bass Player Magazine introduces the Wall Chart
Ari | 06, May

Bass Player Magazine acknowledges the Music Theory for the Bass Player Wall Chart A super big thank you to Bass Player Magazine for acknowledging the wall chart! I always read that magazine cover to cover when it arrives in my mail box. I am really old fashioned that way – when it comes to that particular mag! With

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Ari's Beef
What is the list order of sharps in the key signature of Cb major?
Ari | 02, May

My Beef… Many theory books teach the cycle of fifths without the crucial explanations of Why?, and then they list the “order of flats and sharps”, again without the Why? Okay I got a bit of a beef with that. My pet peeve. A pet beef… What we are really doing here, is building major scales,

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WHole Tone Scale on the Piano, differing, Ariane Cap
How are Chromatic and Whole-tone Scales differing from major scales?
Ari | 28, April

Got a request to answer how symmetric scales and major scales are differing Fun one, with sound samples! For bass players in particular, symmetric scales are awesome to play with! They help understand the fretboard and how notes relate between strings These symmetric scales sound great They are symmetric, so you can move cool licks around by

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The One-Finger-Per-Fret-Controversy
Ari | 22, April

One-finger-per-fret or not? Almost every week I get questions about the one-finger-per-fret system of fingering. Why am I using it and advocating for it in most playing situations? How can it help you? What about upright fingering? Enjoy my article on notreble.com in which I go into all these questions and more, with pictures. In this article

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Bass Musician Magazine interviews Ariane Cap
The Wall Chart and the Book: Interview with Bass Musician Magazine
Ari | 17, April

Live Talk… In this half hour+ interview with Raul Amador of Bass Musician Magazine we talk about my book, Music Theory for the Bass Player how it is unique and how it came about how my students inspired me to write it the significance and content of the wall chart teaching, playing and loving both of it

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Pull-off pentatonics Pull-off-pentatonics
Can you pull off Pull-off Pentatonics?
Ari | 15, April

Pull-offs & hammer-ons are some of the coolest sounds on bass. Use them in a pentatonic context, though, and you may run into limitations… Watch Pull-off Pentatonics to break free! Sometimes box shapes can be a bit limiting because they offer just two notes per string. What if you want to do hammer-ons or pull-offs

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Ari's Key Concepts of Bass Technique
Handy Guide on Ari’s Key Concepts of Bass Technique
Ari | 13, April

Technique! Ari’s Key Concepts of Bass Technique Conscious • Connected • Coordinated Minimize Movement Maximize Relaxation Breathe • Think ahead • Practice slowly with a click* Keep posture roughly the same when standing and sitting Left Hand Keep fingers close to the fretboard Plan fingering to optimize shifts “Feel at home” with common structures (scales,

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DIva fretless by Marleaux
Fretless Bass for an intermediate Bass Player?
Ari | 10, April

This is a Diva by Marleaux. It has 26 “frets”. Or, rather, it would be more appropriate to say it doesn’t have 26 frets, since it is fretless. You get the idea. But any fretless will work. My first fretless was an Alembic where I removed the frets. That is a nice way to get

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ISB PORA video
PORA Video: Watch the Method in Action
Ari | 07, April

PORA Video Dr. Randy Kertz invited me last month to contribute to his monthly blog on ISB. He was particularly interested in my PORA method: PORA stands for: Principles of Rotating Attention. I learned the ideas behind it at the University of Music in Vienna and then created my own way of using and teaching it over

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Music Theory Wall Chart, Bass
Music Theory Wall Chart – Taking Pre-Orders Now
Ari | 05, April

The Wall Chart is ready! Taking pre-orders now! Currently Offering Free Domestic Shipping (Save $5.00)! Please allow up to five weeks for delivery.  International shipping available. International customers: postage will be computed for your country at check out. 5 posters ship for the same price as one. Share with a buddy to save on rates! Wall Wisdom at 17

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octaves on overdrive
Octaves on Overdrive (Video)
Ari | 02, April

Cool Octaves to spice up grooves! In this video I show you how playing octaves using chromatic approaches can sound exciting and cool. Fingering and good technique are of course important – after all this is my Talking Technique column on notreble.com – and you will see they can be pretty tricky to pull off cleanly. These

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PORA method for Focus
Fast and addictive: the Power of Focus in Practicing
Ari | 31, March

The Power of Focus in Practicing: PORA! If you have been following my blog, my column on notreble.com or read my book you have undoubtedly heard me talk about the powerful PORA process. PORA stands for Principles of Rotating Attention and is a fantastically fast and effective way to, for example: change unhealthy or ineffective posture

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scales from sharps music theory
Quora Question: Does the Major Scale Formula Work with Sharp Notes?
Ari | 28, March

When I see questions like this I love to jump in. There is someone trying to piece it together on their own, typically using some bits of music theory that help somewhat but are not the complete picture. Probably this person had heard of WWHWWWH. But then, yes, the question arises – how to name

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