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Get the book and theory wall chart and join the online course for bass players. Ari is an experienced educator, bass coach, and performer – explore this site for ways to learn from her.

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Tiefgang – the Marleaux Camp
Ari | 10, October

Goodness, what a blast we had at the Marleaux Camp! It is called Tiefgang, which is a play on words in German. We are “going deep” – as in notes, low tones on the bass, and we are diving down deep to the bottom of the sea (of knowledge). It was held from October 4

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Pentatonics Boxes Upper structure pentatonics
Upper Structure Pentatonics: Thinking inside the Box (Talking Technique)
Ari | 03, October

Scroll down to watch the video Thinking Inside the Box: Upper Structure Pentatonics If you have been following me for a while or if you have taken any of my courses, you know that I am big on boxes. Boxes, as in box shapes, as in 0f course pentatonics. After all, pentatonics make up a

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London Bass and Guitar Show 2019
Ari | 28, September
London Bass and Guitar Show - EPIC! Plus: Find the hidden gift in this post… Some of my favorite highlights: Recording two courses for Scotts Bass Lessons with Nick Wells Seeing epic masterclasses and performances by Nick Beggs, Paul Geary, Cody Wright, Ellen O'Reilly, Steve Lawson, John Patitucci (who also received the Lifetime Achievement Award),
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interval intervals sequences
Why all the interval sequences in your book, Ari?
Ari | 19, September

Hi Ari, On page 36 of your book “Music Theory for the Bass Player”, there are two interesting statements about minor and major thirds. When repeating minor thirds, you reach the starting note after four minor thirds, creating three unique interval sequences: [diatonic naming, meaning Bbb is called A for practical purposes] C – Eb

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funny notreble video 88 keys
Funny Video – All 88 piano keys on the bass (no treble!)!
Ari | 12, September

Happy Birthday, Notreble! We are celebrating our favorite online bass magazine by taking the “notreble” idea all the way, asking the question: Can you play all the 88 notes of the piano on basses? Turned out that notreble part all the way up was doable with a bit of finesse, but we ran into a

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beat buddy
I have a new Buddy…
Ari | 05, September

Everyone – meet The BeatBuddy! Jessie of Singular Sound contacted me a while back asking me if I would take a look at their BeatBuddy Pedal. I only promote what I truly like and almost all of my endorser relationships have started with me liking and promoting a product for a while and the endorsement

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Names for chords Ariane Cap
What are other names for I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII chords in music?
Ari | 22, August

When I hear a great song I feel compelled to “decode” it What makes it sound cool? What’s up with these chords and why are other names for chords interesting? What are the effects of these chords? How can I emulate this and make it my own? Are there other names for these chords and why

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We Got Forums!
Ari | 15, August

We now have a great way to connect – Check out our new Ari’s Bass Blog Forums! Or, maybe we should call it Ari’s fretBOARDS?  What do you think? It all started with our new Cohort Course which we launched in January – Cohorts offer a way to go through the course with extra support,

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triangle in jazz
What is the “triangle” in Jazz?
Ari | 08, August

Well, there is this triangle… There is a running gag between me and the singer/bandleader of a favorite project I am in, Generation Esmeralda. Let’s just say that triangle is super groovy but also so incredibly loud on stage, Jimmy sends me to the other end of the stage with it because I can’t hear

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My take on Right Hand Technique [video]
Ari | 01, August

Floating thumb? Three-finger Gary-Willis style? Raking? Pumping eighths? The right-hand does not only pose several opportunities for sound variations, but it is also crucial in relieving the left hand from overgripping and plays a vital role in the overall set up to reduce tension and allow the music to flow. So, this is an important

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characteristics of dorian
What are the characteristics of the Dorian Mode (with sample videos)?
Ari | 25, July

Seems like Quora liked my answer on the phrygian characteristic last week, because I got similar request today, this time for: The characteristic of Dorian! Many of the answers recommended playing C major, and then using all the same notes, start the scale from D. The problem with that is you can’t really “hear” Dorian

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What are the characteristics of Phrygian mode in music?(with sample videos)
Ari | 18, July

Scroll down and click the Quora link to watch the videos: A Quoran requested my answer to the question: What are the characteristics of Phrygian? A few of the other answers that beat me to it stressed the fact that Phrygian is the third mode and hence any iii chord (chord on the third scale

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Difference major and minor scales
About the difference between major and minor scales
Ari | 11, July

A Quoran asked about the difference between major and minor scales… I tried to put myself into the shoes of someone who would ask this question below. In doing so my goal was not only to answer the question but to show the beautiful symmetry of sounds and modes, and how just like putting beads

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Revisiting New Year's Resolutions
Revisiting New Year’s Resolutions!
Ari | 27, June

It is a bit past the middle of the year. Revisiting New Year’s Resolutions is a great strategy to reinforce what’s working and tweak what is not If revisiting New Year’s Resolutions in the middle of the year is not your idea of a good time, you may need this conversation more than ever. Either

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iRealPro tutorial
Things you never knew iRealPro can do! (Video Tutorial)
Ari | 20, June

Practice tips galore in this iRealPro Tutorial From how to get started with the program, to downloading songs, to using its practice capabilities to the fullest. iRealPro is a great practice tool! Did you know you can create loops that change the key so you can shed transposing? Or put a click on 2 and 4?

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Student Feature: Beautiful Practice Practica Bella Carmie
Watch my Student… play Beautiful Practice in Eb!
Ari | 13, June

Scroll down to watch the video Student Feature: Beautiful Practice Beautiful Practice is a practice regimen that tackles a whole legion of core challenges: the diatonic cycle arpeggios inversions of triads open voicings going up the bass neck in a systematic way string crossing playing with a hocket delay  It is a bear on your

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Thank you for your vote!
Ari | 06, June

This post is a big shout of thanks to all who voted for me! I have been busy recording and releasing the new Ear Training Course for you, so I am just now getting to the big news that – thanks to your votes – I am one of four winners! The prize is a

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whole tone scale
The Whole Tone Scale – Why it’s cool! (with free jam track)
Ari | 30, May

I refer to this video lesson on the Whole Tone Scale regularly in my lessons As one YouTube commenter stated: “I always found little use in this scale, you have just changed my mind. Thanks as always! You’re amazing.” The whole tone scale is a very educational scale because it is the easiest of all

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Transcribe! Tutorial
Transcribe! Tutorial – My Favorite transcribing Software Explained (Plus: Best key commands!)
Ari | 23, May

(Scroll down to watch video. Header is image only) Transcribe! is one Nifty Program Here are 9 reasons why you really should look into it: It is far superior to iTunes and other audio players (or worse, YouTube!) in just finding your spot. Ever try to transcribe a tune using YouTube? Forget about getting to

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Why I dislike the WWH WWWH Method for Creating a Major Scale
Ari | 16, May

You have all heard the advice… Create a major scale with the formula W W H W W W H – which of course stands for whole step – whole step – half step – whole step – whole step – whole step – half step Don’t. Just don’t. Here’s why: It’s a mouthful! It’s way too

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Lydian Dominant
A Cool Scale to use over a Dominant: The Lydian Dominant Sound!
Ari | 09, May

Dominant 7#11 – The Lydian Dominant Sound Dominant seventh chords are all about tension! Why? Quick reminder, there is a tritone between the third and seventh of a dominant seventh chord that begs to resolve since hundreds of years. Western harmony (the “functional harmony” part of it!), you could say, is built on that resolution

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In this blog post I will put a bit of attention on the importance of good overall bass technique when playing and tell you about an awesome experience I had a few months ago that plays right into healthy bass technique. Effective Bass Technique – My Take in a Nut Shell I believe effective right

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