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Get the book and theory wall chart and join the online course for bass players. Ari is an experienced educator, bass coach, and performer – explore this site for ways to learn from her.

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Sign up Now for the “2021 New Year’s Cohort” – [Early Bird Pricing]
Ari | 19, November

A Cohort. A Co-what? Our famed course “Music Theory for the Bass Player” has a proven track record for getting results in these key areas (just a few examples): Creating your own Grooves over chordchanges Finding your notes up and down the fretboard Improving your technique, agility and speed Getting a highly practical understanding of

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Ariane Cap FOundation
Check out my new Facebook Ad…. (we had some fun with that!)
Ari | 11, November

Do you Have That Sinking Feeling That Your Bass Playing Lacks Foundation? Thanks to Stuart Hamm for showing me this great place to shoot a bass course ad of all places…         [Attention Bass Players  📣📣] If you feel stuck and you want to move forward in your bass playing, this video

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box shapes five string bass
Pentatonic Box Shapes – Help Me Name These!
Ari | 29, October

Recently David asked me in a LinkedIn comment: Hi Ari!! Your 5 pentatonic shapes lesson has had a major impact on my playing. Fills are easier, the fretboard makes more sense and feels connected. And I have a framework for soloing. I cannot thank you enough. But I have a question. do you have a

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Cheating Bass
Ari, I am cheating!
Ari | 15, October

Ari, I am cheating! I am often amazed at what my students think constitutes “cheating” and hence dutifully try to avoid. Let’s clear up some misunderstandings: It will help you stop shooting yourself in the foot Allow me to take a load off your shoulders Here are the top 6 “cheating” myths I keep hearing:

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Power up with Geddy Lee!
Ari | 08, October

I got a kick out of this YouTube comment: “She even looks like Geddy!” Maybe you start looking like the master if you study his tunes long enough, so get ready for your glasses and curls… and while you are at it: Learn the theory behind power chords and more… Empower – quite literally! –

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This really clicked for my student: Triads [Get your bass]
Ari | 01, October

Note Naming Realization From my student Christine: The note naming exercise was amazing for triads, to figure out that A-C-E is always A-C-E even when it’s Ab-C-Eb or A-C#-E or A-C-E, etc. I must have skipped that realization! YES! Big thumbs up for that insight, Christine! It is precisely one of the reasons why I

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favorite practice tools Ariane Cap
My Five Favorite Practicing Tools [quick read]
Ari | 24, September

My Five Favorite Practicing Tools Practice Time! If you have been wanting to upgrade your practice sessions, here are five simple tools that will boost the effectiveness of your practice immediately! Your practice nook can be simple with just the essentials (e.g. amp, bass, music stand, tuner…). Or more elaborate with the walls decorated with

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4 voice Bach fugue
Four Part Fugue with Stuart Hamm
Ari | 16, September

 Four-voices Fugue on Basses What a pleasure to record this with not only one Stu Hamm, but two of him! What’s a fugue? It is a musical composition in which a musical “theme” (called a “subject”) gets repeated over and over in various ways by various voices. A fugue is a bit like a canon on

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Ariane Cap Tiny Habits kids
VIDEO: Kids Taking Music Lessons? How to get them to practice!
Ari | 10, September

Helping Your Kids Practice using Tiny Habits How to get little Mozart (or mini Jimi) practicing without nagging, agonizing, or guilt-tripping. Talent is overrated: explore powerful practice habits! Watch this 15-minute video that provides you with great tips for your youngster’s music practice! Also read: May I Have Two Minutes of Your Time? tinyhabits.com Tiny

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This Technique Habit Will Hold you Back on the Bass
Ari | 03, September

I see it with almost all of my students – from beginners to pros – it’s just too easy to overwork the thumb! Even experienced players are guilty of this from time to time. What’s so tricky about this bad habit is that even though I am talking about your left-hand thumb, to cure the

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Celebrate the good notes Ariane Cap Tiny Habits
VIDEO: Tiny Habits for Practicing Musicians
Ari | 27, August

Tiny Habits for Practicing Musicians Celebrating the good notes: Bring the joy back to learning music and make practicing your instrument a favorite part of your day! Check out this video I did on using the Tiny Habits© Method to help your practice. Thanks to Professor BJ Fogg for inviting me to participate in the

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This was an amazing technique workout [Video with Mark Smith/Bach Prelude] – with TUTORIAL
Ari | 20, August

Bach Prelude Number 2 for 2 Basses with Mark Smith! Mark Smith of talkingbass.net approached me a while back about doing a Bach piece together. And he happened to suggest one of my favorites, the C minor prelude of the Well-tempered Clavier! I have played this piece (on piano) since I was a wee one

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In practice, when I make a mistake, should I go back to top or just push ahead?
Ari | 13, August

One of our course participants just asked me this question. Here is my answer: Neither!! First let me say this loud and clear: Never “go back to the top” if you made a mistake. Ever. It is a terrible strategy. The reason why it’s a bad idea is that you will know the beginning quite

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Come hang with me at a virtual bass summit! [free]
Ari | 06, August

The “Become a Bassist” Summit FREE ONLINE EVENT | August 10-14 2020 There’s a really cool event coming up in a few weeks that I’m a part of. Me and nearly 20 other bass players and teachers are getting together for a ‘bass summit’. What the heck is that? It’s an online event where we’ll

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You got a friend in me ubass
You Got a Friend in me [UBass solo • VIDEO]
Ari | 30, July

My Little UBass Friend and I have a Little Note for you… Enjoy!       Thank you Kala, for creating amazing instruments that are highly addictive and impossible to put down! More Kala UBass renditions: Fun groove! Tapping on my Kala Ubass Me and Magnus Sjoquist: U2 stands for: 2 UBasses Giveaway of a

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How the Pros Use Inversions
Ari | 23, July

How the Pros Use Inversions A student recently asked me: “I’m not 100% sure I get the necessity of inversions… I understand them, but when I’m playing and I need a third or a fifth, I just think of the note I need and then go up or down, which doesn’t require the extra calculation

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Behavior Model BJ Fogg Ariane Cap
Not motivated to practice? Try this! [3 minute video]
Ari | 16, July

Behavior Model [My Homework for a Course] There is a formula for changing your behavior. Professor BJ Fogg of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab developed it (he is also the creator of  Tiny Habits™. As part of my training, we had to record ourselves teaching it. Let me know what you think… this is highly

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Killer Octaves Ariane Cap
Killer Octave Riff! [VIDEO]
Ari | 09, July

Killer Octave Riff Turn a simple 2-chord progression into something special using a modern take on a “disco-inspired” octave groove. This killer riff is also great for shedding your technique: Challenging string crossings, a varied rhythmic pattern, and a relatively quick tempo… enjoy! I’ll go step by step to break it down for you starting

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Five Small Bass Playing Tweaks for Instant Results
Ari | 02, July

Five Small Bass Playing Tweaks for Instant Results From years of teaching, I have identified several small adjustments you can make in your playing and practicing that will make a big difference instantly. In this mini-series, I walk you through five such jewels. All five of these tips – whether technique related or practice strategy

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COVID Practice Fatigue: How to Beat the Funk
Ari | 25, June

COVID Practicing Fatigue? The puzzling phenomenon! My students know they can always talk to me about practicing challenges, as can my Music Theory for the Bass Player cohort participants. I have been getting quite a number of emails, posts to my Facebook Group, and comments on the topic of “COVID practice fatigue” (some even go so

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note naming exercise in music theory for the bass player
That Exercise in my Book on Page 6… Note Naming Drills!
Ari | 18, June

How Notes Work One theme I have seen over and over again as a teacher is students being very confused about how notes work: How many notes are there within an octave? How do notes get higher and lower on the bass? How many note names are there? How does note naming work in major

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Persuasive Point For Good Bass Technique

November 30, 2015   14 Comments

In this blog post I will put a bit of attention on the importance of good overall bass technique when playing and tell you about an awesome experience I had a few months ago that plays right into healthy bass technique. Effective Bass Technique – My Take in a Nut Shell I believe effective right

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