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We offer a variety of Bass Courses,
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  • Songs and Styles

Higher Ground – Slap Version!

As I am getting ready for NAMM show in a couple of weeks, slapping is on my mind. Ah, I can already hear it – the beautiful cacophony of drums, guitars

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  • Playing Videos
  • Songs and Transcriptions

Sing and Play (Performance Video)

Sing and Play I recently got invited to participate in a fundraiser for NextDoor, a domestic violence shelter that one of my bands, Girls Got The Blues (Lara

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  • Theory and Improv
  • Latest Announcements

Great Short Course: Make Theory Stick – With This Fun Trick

Make Theory Stick – With This Fun Trick Does this describe you? ⇒ You can play tabbed basslines but cannot freely create your own lines, fills, and va

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  • Life and Play
  • Gear and Setup

How to Build your Own Moving Box to Transport an Upright

Moving an Upright Bass… or how our Contrabasses went from being walking basses to riding (in a truck) basses! When we moved all our belongings from Californ

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  • Sightreading
  • Songs and Transcriptions

To ‘TAB’ or not to ‘TAB’…

The TAB “issue” – Which camp do you fall into? Boy, is TAB ever is a polarizing issue! Judging from my inbox, there are basically two main camps

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  • Rhythm Matrix and Groove

Rhythm’s Gonna Get You

Many of my teaching programs incorporate improvisation – and that’s for good reason. When you learn theory as shapes on the fretboard, there

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