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The Alternate or Rake Debate!

To Alternate or to Rake? With your plucking hand, do you alternate, rake, or just wing it?  I am pretty well known for my stance on that – alternat

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  • Rhythm Matrix and Groove

Sweet Emotion… Sweet Bass Riff!

Sweet alright yet not an easy one to get under your fingers. In this episode of Talking Technique, I show you a few strategies for tackling this – and a

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  • Gear and Setup

Unboxing Video: Which Microphone Are You Using, Ari? (Lewitt Flex!)

Unboxing a Lewitt Flex! So much fun! Isn’t it so lovely when a fresh piece of gear arrives in the mail from B&H or Amazon… Since many of you h

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  • Technique

Slapping… What do you think?

After our last newsletter on slapping, I got an email from a cherished reader…  I will call him “T” here. He announced his unequivocal displeasure

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  • Songs and Transcriptions

Riffin’ on a Riff… Smoke on the Water – inspired by a Bossa Nova? Hear it to believe it!

So what’s a riff?   I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word “riff” I hear distorted guitars in my head, it’s some

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  • Songs and Styles

Higher Ground – Slap Version!

As I am getting ready for NAMM show in a couple of weeks, slapping is on my mind. Ah, I can already hear it – the beautiful cacophony of drums, guitars

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