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Te Pattern System for the Bass Player👉 This is an epic journey and a revolutionary concept teaching fretboard proficiency, combined with improvisation and mental practice. It’s a workbook! Have pencil and your bass ready.

🎸 330 pages densely packed with information, beautiful diagrams, and mind-bending exercises
🎸 Improvised Explorations and Scalar Drills to open up your music and technique
🎸 111 Videos streaming online
🎸 Includes a monthly live online Q and A with the authors
🎸 Engaging “Test Your Understanding” Questions in each chapter
🎸 Concise Practice Guides
🎸 Additional resources on the web
🎸 A sidekick named Skippy
 – a metronome with a bit of an attitude and a lot of wisdom! He’ll make you chuckle!

✅ Have you ever dreamt of moving freely across the fretboard and playing confidently in every key, up and down the neck, through any chord progression, at the speed of the groove?
✅ And, have you sometimes felt intuitively that recurring patterns and shapes exist at the heart of music?
✅ And — that these shapes are reflected on the amazingly symmetrical bass fretboard?

A kaleidoscope of beauty is about to reveal itself to you…

In a program about comprehensive fretboard proficiency, you likely (and rightfully!) expect to learn

  • major and minor scales,
  • triads,
  • diatonic chord progressions,
  • pentatonics and the like.

This book and the accompanying 111 videos deliver on this in a well-thought-out system that covers the entire fretboard with great fingering.

However, it goes beyond that in unique and compelling ways.

You will:
🎯 Use improvisation exercises to make the shapes yours.
🎯 Do mind-bending drills that train you in the patterns of the fretboard and those of music at a depth you never thought possible.
🎯 Dive deeply into the wondrous world of “shapes within shapes”.
🎯 Follow precise instructions on how to practice, represent and manifest music’s patterns in your mind.

This program is rigorous, and it rewards you with reliable results.

Anyone can do this — I have taught this system to casual players and highly experienced bassists alike — to rave reviews.
If you are a student or an educator this program will help you shine in any musical style.
If you are ready to turn dreams of fluent proficiency and authentic expression into reality, read this book.

📗 Recommended prerequisite: Music Theory for the Bass Player by Ariane Cap or general music theory knowledge, and basic playing technique

The “Pattern System” will open doors you never knew existed.

Ariane’s The Pattern System for the Bass Player is a landmark book! It presents a wealth of musical information with a thoughtful, systematic approach, designed to guide any student through the process of learning to create music with the bass. It is comprehensive and well organized, using a holistic learning paradigm aimed at developing the full constellation of skills involved in music making. I not only very highly recommend it, I’ll be using it myself!

Michael Manring, Solo Bass Pioneer

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US  •  UK  •  Germany  •  France  •  Spain  •  Italy  •  Australia  •  Canada  •  Japan


This book comes with a whole host of additional resources…

  • 111 videos

  • Pattern Paper (including left-handed versions)

  • Optional Practice Groups (go here to join one)

  • The Solutions to all the diagrams

To access these resources click the image at left.

Access is free and immediate – a one-time registration with username and password is required.

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The Perfect Companion to this book: The Epic Pattern System Wall Chart

The Wallchart for your practice room – tailored to this book. Contains the Pattern Matrix, the Sequences, all Open Area patterns and the magical Five scale patterns and Pentatonics in major and minor as well as the triads.


More resources coming soon. Watch this space. 

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