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The free videos and writings on my bass blog include a wide array of topics: Theory, Reading, Technique, Bass Geography, stuff you need, fun stuff, cool stuff, eclectic stuff… And, most important: YOUR stuff! Questions and requests – bring them on! Ask away here.

My free blog videos and articles offer ways to think about music and the bass that may just “click” for you: mnemonics, shapes, patterns designed to help your playing right away, but you will also learn theory and reading you need to succeed in today’s diverse musical landscape.

I also have guest contributors here, Q&As, recommendations on practicing habits and more on here. Roam around and check it out. Welcome! (oh and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter!)

This is the home of my instructional videos, courses and writings for bass guitar.

I am a big believer of a systematic approach to learning. Want to go deeper (pun intended!)? That’s why I have created and am in the process of creating courses, books and series as well as a one-on-one teaching program. Check the Course and Book menus for more info.

If you have my bestselling book, Music Theory for the Bass Player, view the 89 videos that go with the book.

To coach you through the book and beyond – with a focus on theory, technique, groove creation and bass line building – check out our in-depth course Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Course. Co-created with my own teacher and mentor, composer/bassist Wolf Wein, this course

  • includes “practice with me” sessions
  • is a well thought out step by step way that teaches best technique practices
  • makes music theory stick by applying it creatively
  • teaches groove creation through engaging exercises that build in difficulty
  • gives practice tips and tips on habits
  • optimally prepares the player for reading and fretboard fitness.

Talking Technique

I create a popular lesson series, called Talking Technique, on the epic bass magazine  notreble.com. This is all about technique, health, posture and letting the energy flow when playing. NoTreble is a must for every bass player – podcasts, videos, columns, commentary, recommendations, reader spot lights, give aways, gear reviews… Check it out!

Scott’s Bass Lessons

I am a proud contributor to the awesome website scottsbasslessons.com. I get to do Seminars, Sunday Roasts and more. Scott’s Bass Academy is a great place with lots of fantastic bass info, a great forum, classes, encouragement… check out a free trial, I know you will want to stick around and explore.

True Fire

I am very happy to be an educator with the online music education powerhouse TrueFire.com. I am very proud of the course I have released for them and more to come.


If you’d like to hear me play or check out my touring schedule visit my personal website or my duo’s site.

I am an elected board member of the San Francisco Chapter of the Recording Academy (The Grammys). Voting members, please connect with me here. Interested music professionals should find more about the Academy here.

Influences and Stuff I Love

My partner in crime and life is Wolf Wein, my teacher, mentor and inspiration. He is a composer, bassist and fantastic musician and educator whose influence on me and my music and teaching cannot be overstated.

I am a “camper” – Victor Wooten’s Camps at wootenwoods as well as Steve Bailey’s Bass at the Beach have had life changing effects on me. Kai Eckhardt and Michael Manring are big inspirations as well.

For the latest in gear talk, I recommend you check out Andy Irvine’s new site, and to keep up with what’s new in the world of bass I recommend these sites:

Supporting Women and Girls

I am proud to regularly be involved with the California Jazz Conservatories’ Jazz and Blues Camps for Women and Girls. Here is an article I wrote that explains a bit why.

My Endorsers

I am a proud official endorser of the following companies:


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.11.26 AMAustrian Ariane Cap (‘Ari’) is a bassist, pianist, educator, author, blogger, writer, and composer living in California. To contact Ariane email her via the contact tab.

An eclectic and versatile bassist, she has covered many styles, from Rock (Keith Olsen/Fleetwood Mac), Jazz (Mimi Fox, Montclair Women’s Big Band) to Folk and Flamenco (Muriel Anderson), to classical music (The Mozart Band), and Top 40, Latin Disco (Generation Esmeralda) to Punk Rock (“kindie band” The Sippy Cups) and Cirque du Soleil. As a leader, Ariane has teamed up with star Jazz bassoonist Paul Hanson to create the critically acclaimed duo ‘OoN’. A new collaboration with Stu Hamm (Bass Beyond Borders) is underway.

Ariane is an online teaching personality with a thriving blog and bass courses and webinars that draw a loyal following. She contributes regularly to notreble.com with her series “Talking Technique” and does courses and live seminars for scottsbasslessons.com; her book, “Music Theory for the Bass Player” is a frequent bestseller on Amazon.

Ariane has been written about in several leading bass magazines and was featured on the July 2019 cover of Bass Player Magazine as one of four winners of the “Hottest Bass Players on the scene” poll. She presented at the 2019 London Bass Guitar Show with a clinic and performance.

A self-publisher and entrepreneur, Ariane is a frequent guest on business and motivational podcasts. A certified TinyHabits™ coach and NLP Practitioner, she has a deep interest in the learning process and in optimizing practicing habits and learning for herself and her students.

Ariane is highly active endorsing her companies (Marleaux Basses, Kala basses, and others), co-runs solobassnight.com, a series celebrating the art of solo bass, and is a second term elected Governor of the San Francisco Chapter Board of the Recording Academy.

Ariane has a Master’s of Science from the University of Innsbruck/Austria and studied music at the Academy of Music, Vienna, the University of Miami, the University of South Florida, and the University of West London. She has a Master’s of Music from the University of West London.

Visit her blog at arisbassblog.com
her artist site at arianecap.com
and solobassnight.com

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