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We typically respond within 24 business hours. For course connection issues text 707-280-1270
If you don’t hear from us we did not receive it or there was one of those famed typos in the email box.

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries if you don’t have a way to scan the code on the front of the book. Just go here for book videos. A free, one-time registration is required: just input your email and password when prompted. You have to register only once. Should you lose your password, you can easily reset it.

The 89 videos that come with the book are demonstrations of the diagrams and concepts presented in the book. In the book find little icons that direct you to the correct video number. They look like this: Videos to Music Theory for the Bass Player

The videos that come with Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Course – are completely new and different. In these videos we put the material to creative use and practice: whether we shed technique using the “practice-with-me videos” in the Finger Kung Fu tab, or get the theory under our fingers in Theory Practice, build bass lines with the material in Bass Line Lab, analyze styles in Styles Lab, learn notes in the Creative Notefinders, do a Hip Bit or combine the newly learned skills in Combo Class, here it is all about practical and creative application of music theory.

Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Course contains 22 hours of new video, 120+ PDFs and 120+ jam tracks to practice with and much more.

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Bookstores can order Music Theory for the Bass Player by referencing the Gardners catalogue.

Stores carrying the book:
Bananas at Large in Santa Rosa
Bananas at Large in San Rafael
The California Jazz Conservatory AKA The Jazz School – Bookstore
Paul Sips – Bass Matters in Nijmegen
Die Klangfarbe Wien


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