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Piano keys with names

Piano keys without names

Piano keys for coloring

TAB and Scorepaper

Patternpaper 4 String

Patternpaper 5 String

Patternpaper 6 String

Blank Sheet Music

Blank Sheet Music Bass Clef

Cycle (notes only) Major

Cycle (notes only) Minor


Ari’s Products:

Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Book

Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Wall Chart

Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Course

One-on-one Lessons


Other Products I like:

The Musician Dice

My favorite stand-alone metronome

My favorite app-metronome


Fret Wraps, FavoriteGadgets and Gruvy Gear

GruvGear Fretwraps three pack – small (four string bass)
watch my product demo and what’s up with these fret wraps here

GruvGear Fretwraps single – large – great for six string bass

Stomp by Coda – An awesome page turner/pedal/gadget controller

My Favorite Strings (The String Section, so to speak):

Four String for grooving

Five String for grooving

Six String for Grooving (heavy)

Tapping gauge, four string

For tapping and grooving on my 6: in between heavy and super light

If I had a tapping only bass, I’d use this gauge


Upright Bass Resources

The Bass Worm – humidifier

The Wheel (watch for the right size)

Endpin Rest 

Endpin Ball (attached alternative to endpin rest)

Pop’s Rosin

Nyman’s Rosin

Upright Bass Stand


Delay Pedals:

Flashback by TC

Flashback Mini by TC

Nova Delay by TC (if you need a display)


Funky, I mean… stinky!

MXR Envelope Filter 


My Favorite Looper

Infinity Looper by Pigtronix

Reverse Switch for the Infinity


My Amps:

RH 450 by TC 

RH 750 Compact by TC


My favorite software to change tempo without changing keys/change keys without changing tempo:

Transcribe for Mac

Transcribe for Windows

you can also use a program called Audacity (free). It works, but the artefacts are more noticable than with Transcribe! and the interface is not as intuitive

On the iphone/smartphone: Anytune Pro works (a bit crude because of small display, harder to find the exact looping points)


My Favorite Ear Training Software:

Functional Eartrainer (free) – hearing tone relationships with the root

Earmaster – a very in-depth ear training program with lots of options


A great tool, albeit a bit of a clutch:


band-in-a-box for Windows (latest: 2017)

band-in-a-box for Mac (latest: 2016)


Great Play-Alongs for Jazz:

The Aebersold Series – this is a good starter book


Great Resource for Real Book Users:

Index of (mostly) Jazz tunes in Real Books


Bass Books I like:

The Music Lesson by V Wooten

The Improviser’s Bass Method by Chuck Sher

Modern Walking Bass Technique Vol 1 by Mike Richmond

Practice Like This by J Harnum


Real Books for Jazz:

Chuck Sher Real Book 1

The Real Easy Book

The Real Book Vol 1

Note: Use the above links or if buying in a store, make sure to get the “C version”. Bass is in C, concert key. Sometimes people accidentally buy a Bb or Eb version – those are for horns.

Bach Cello Suites

Schirmer Edition for Cello


And I know you totally want this… 😉

Wall Clock with the Cycle of Fifths…


If you take lessons with me please have ready

  • a stand-alone metronome (can be a gadget, as long as it does not interfere with the gadget we are communicating on)
  • irealpro
  • Transcribe! or similar, if possible
  • access to your email while we talk
  • any device to play back the back ground tracks I send you without interrupting our conversation
  • you don’t need to worry about taking notes or writing things down, I do that for you

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