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Ari’s Products

Our “Learn to play like the Cats”-logo – we have stickers and TShirts in black or white. Click!

Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Book

Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Wall Chart

Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Course

One-on-one Lessons

T Shirts and Stickers


Other Products I Like

The Musician Dice

My favorite stand-alone metronome

My favorite Straplocks – choose black, silver, gold

My favorite app-metronome

The Beat Buddy (a useful practice tool!) use DISCOUNT CODE arisbass10 when checking out at

The Mini Beat Buddy (Beat Buddy’s little brother) use DISCOUNT CODE arisbass10 when checking out at



FretWraps, Favorite Gadgets and Gruvy Gear

GruvGear Fretwraps three pack – small (four string bass)
watch my product demo and what’s up with these fret wraps here

GruvGear Fretwraps single – large – great for six string bass

Stomp by Coda – An awesome page turner/pedal/gadget controller


My Favorite Strings

(The String Section of this website, so to speak)

Four String for grooving

Five String for grooving

Six String for Grooving (heavy)

Tapping gauge, four string

For tapping and grooving on my 6: in between heavy and super light

If I had a tapping only bass, I’d use this gauge


Upright Bass Resources

The Bass Worm – humidifier

The Wheel (watch for the right size)

Endpin Rest 

Endpin Ball (attached alternative to endpin rest)

Pop’s Rosin

Nyman’s Rosin

Upright Bass Stand


Electric Bass Set Up

Allen Wrenches Metric and Inches

String Action Ruler Gauge


Delay Pedals

Flashback by TC

Flashback Mini by TC

Nova Delay by TC (if you need a display)


Funky, I mean super funky….!

MXR Envelope Filter 


My Favorite Looper

Infinity Looper by Pigtronix

Reverse Switch for the Infinity


Pattern System Resources

Fretboard markers for bright fretboards (select black pearl)

Fretboard markers for dark fretboards (select white pearl)

Frixion Pens (for scale degrees, fingerings, and note names)

Frixion Markers  (for dots, squares, and diamonds)


My Amps

RH 450 by TC 

RH 750 Compact by TC


My Cabs

Revsound 210


My Favorite Software to Change Tempo Without Changing Keys/Change Keys Without Changing Tempo

Transcribe for Mac

Transcribe for Windows

you can also use a program called Audacity (free). It works, but the artefacts are more noticable than with Transcribe! and the interface is not as intuitive

On the iphone/smartphone: Anytune Pro works (a bit crude because of small display, harder to find the exact looping points)


My Favorite Ear Training Software

Functional Eartrainer (free) – hearing tone relationships with the root

Earmaster – a very in-depth ear training program with lots of options


Great Tools, albeit a bit of a crutch (use with care)


band-in-a-box for Windows (latest: 2017)

band-in-a-box for Mac (latest: 2016)


Great Play-Alongs for Jazz

The Aebersold Series – this is a good starter book


Great Resource for Real Book Users

Index of (mostly) Jazz tunes in Real Books


Bass Books I Like

The Music Lesson by V Wooten

The Improviser’s Bass Method by Chuck Sher

Modern Walking Bass Technique Vol 1 by Mike Richmond

Practice Like This by J Harnum

Real Books For Jazz

Chuck Sher Real Book 1

The Real Easy Book

The Real Book Vol 1

Note: Use the above links or if buying in a store, make sure to get the “C version”. Bass is in C, concert key. Sometimes people accidentally buy a Bb or Eb version – those are for horns.

Bach Cello Suites

Schirmer Edition for Cello

Highly Recommend

Tiny Habits by Stanford Design Lab Lead, Professor BJ Fogg

And I know you totally want this… 😉

Wall Clock with the Cycle of Fifths…


Downloadable Resources

Piano keys with names

Piano keys without names

Piano keys for coloring

TAB and Score paper


Pattern paper 4 String

Pattern paper 5 String

Pattern paper 6 String

Pattern paper 4 String (left-handed)

Pattern paper 5 String (left-handed)

Pattern paper 6 String (left-handed)

Blank Sheet Music

Blank Sheet Music Bass Clef

BASS TAB and STAFF four string

Cycle (notes only) Major

Cycle (notes only) Minor


If you take lessons with me please have ready

  • A stand-alone metronome (can be a gadget, as long as it does not interfere with the gadget we are communicating on)

  • irealpro (get it in your app store) – this is optional

  • I highly recommend Transcribe! for Windows or Mac, or similar (Audacity is a free option, cumbersome interface, and bad drivers, but it does the job). Another option is Anytune Pro for ithings and smartthings – this is optional

  • Access to your lesson notes and email while we talk

  • Any device to play back the background tracks I send you without interrupting our conversation (ideally Transcribe!)

  • You don’t need to worry about taking notes or writing things down, I do that for you

  • To test connectivity, please check



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