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Guest Contributor Wolf Wein

Bassist • Composer


Guest contributor Wolf likes to play the bass and to figure out what it’s all about and explore the concepts that hold it all together and from where new ideas come from. He went so far as to get a Masters in Bass Performance and did perform a lot, in many settings and styles. And while he’s still digging it, he’s also doing a lot of composing these days (video games mostly) – enjoying being his own first call bass player (and when he’s busy, he calls Ariane first).

Wolf is featured on our Ask Ari featuring Wolf sessions.

Wolf also likes dragons, drawing and exploring the Dao, the force that surrounds us, penetrates us and binds all bass players together.

To hear some of his compositions, please go to his website. Wolf recently won the Academy of Scoring Arts Short Liszt Challenge.


Guest Contributor Fred Pucci

Fred Pucci

Guest contributor Fred Pucci was drawn to the bass at the age of 16 and has been playing ever since.

In his words:
“While some people gravitate towards the lyrics of a song, and others marvel at a good melody or solo, I hear the bass. I feel the bass. I marvel at a good tight groove – one that you feel in your bones, one that makes you want to move!”

Recently retired, he is now working as a freelance writer and gigging on the weekends. He has a degree in Marketing and an MBA which he used to refine his writing and marketing skills at Nabisco (… and yes, he was the “Cookie-man” before becoming the “Bass-man”!)

That combination of love-of-bass and writing makes him an excellent fit on our team. 

As he says:
“I try to be a voice for all the regular, everyday bass players out there who love music, and are just trying to be a little bit better today, than they were yesterday.”

Fred is our trusted editor on the blog and of various upcoming publications as well as the head coach of our cohort programs. 

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