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So I can serve my current students most effectively, I am not taking on any new students at the moment. Please add your name to the waiting list. If you have package credits (they never expire) or have taken lessons before, you may use the links below to book a slot on my calendar. A quick reminder if you are on the waiting list: If you reschedule your initial lesson more than twice, you will be added back to the end of the waiting list. 


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Looking for one-on-one lessons with me?

I offer lessons for growth-minded bass musicians.

I give instruction to all levels. Don’t be shy asking: whether you have been at it for years hitting stages, are stuck somehow, are in college studying bass and are not improving, are an older learner, or even if you are just starting out – I am here to help you achieve your goals! 

What I do:

  • Whatever your challenges are – I am committed to you overcoming them. I have years of experience and am compassionate, oriented toward your goals and I keep it real.
    I don’t get mad or impatient; I also won’t just tell you what you want to hear; rather, I will partner with you to guide you to your next steps and beyond! 


  • With me, you don’t have to “perform” for the teacher, please the teacher or impress anyone. However:
    I ask for

    • your honesty
    • a bit of discipline
    • that you open your mind
    • and that you show up.
      If you follow along with my – sometimes unconventional – regimen, you will see results.
  • I make customized lesson plans based on your goals and send you lesson notes after each lesson with precise homework instructions. (Many students say these lesson notes make a huge difference in getting the most out of lessons). Each student’s syllabus is entirely unique and all lesson notes are personalized.


  • I emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to practicing and am very precise in my instructions. So even if you don’t have much time, you can get a lot done, if doing it right. I show you how.


  • I study practice habits and am a psychology geek (I am also a Certified NLP Trainer and a certified Tiny Habits Coach™, both modalities that come in handy for me to help you optimize learning and practicing). I want to know what makes you tick, what connects with you and what way of practicing is fun for you so you will stick with it long term. 


  • You receive a video recording of the lesson afterward. Sometimes also PDFs, charts and/or jam tracks.


  • While every student’s lessons are completely unique, I have created (and time-tested) step-by-step programs that I use as the underlying structure:
    • Technique and fingering
    • Timing/Groove
    • The “Pattern System”
    • Reading chord charts and score
    • Groove and Fill programs (to apply music theory to the bandstand)
    • Cycle Practice/Diatonic Cycle Practice
    • Practicing Techniques (such as my PORA Method,
    • Speed Playing (various “Speed Techniques”)
    • The skill of listening to yourself
    • Being your own coach!

How it works

  • Sign up for a First Lesson
  • Fill out the Questionnaire so I get important info about your goals
  • Set up the first lesson with secure payment using PayPal 
  • Receive confirmation link in your email (keep this email)
  • Receive a link to click for your lesson right before the lesson
  • I use very easy to use web conferencing tools that are optimized for music education!


Please choose Initial Lesson when scheduling the very first lesson only.



If you are not satisfied with your first lesson for whatever reason, I will give you a 100% refund right after the lesson. This is my 100% money back guarantee to you!

  Add me to the Waiting List

Once we are squared away with our first lesson and we have both had a chance to decide if this is a good fit and made a plan, you can choose either single regular 55 minute lessons or a lesson package, if available. (The lesson package offers a great discount).

After your initial lesson you may choose:

(May not be available:)




This is important:

Sometimes students worry about impressing me or are a bit nervous about being “good enough” to come to lessons;
or they worry they might be boring me because we go over things again…

Listen, let that go – because I am committed to meeting you where you are at to get you to that next step. I am very precise in my practicing instructions and you will know exactly what to do.

Sometimes you may not have practiced as much as you’d have liked. I prefer of course if you do practice, but even if you did not, do show up for the lesson. Some students tend to want to move the lesson, then, to “practice some more before the lesson”. Don’t delay a lesson unless there is an emergency during our scheduled hour. Show up and I help you over the bump in the road. If you show up to the lesson not having practiced, we practice together: a coached practice session with immediate feedback from an experienced teacher is worth multiple dozens of hours practiced without direction! It usually also brings back your motivation and makes it easier for you to get back into the flow of things again.   

So, if you did not get to practice as much as you wanted to, do show up regardless and we spend a productive hour of bass together getting you closer to your goal. If the kids have the flu, your uncle is visiting from Hawaii or work is just crazy this week – no worries, go ahead and move the lesson*. No need to ask my permission – just use the link in the confirmation email (click “reschedule”).

One-on-ones are great if you:

  • are stuck in a specific area, or feeling unmotivated or unsure about your next steps.
  • don’t really know how to practice or are looking how to make your practice sessions more effective, fun and relevant.
  • have some technique habits that are not serving you well or would like to play faster or learn a new technique.
  • want someone to show you how to practice in a systematic way.
  • are are looking for motivation and accountability.
  • would like to study the bass via an organized step-by-step program.
  • are looking for personal support.
  • have very specific questions (tapping, chords, solo bass, looping).
  • need some help switching from four string to five or six string.
  • just need some pointers or are looking for feedback.
  • are learning a new style. (I teach most styles).
  • get nervous playing in front of people.

As for Skill Levels, maybe you are:

  • A seasoned player and you have a few holes in your technique, theory or fretboard knowledge
  • A complete beginner
  • Anywhere in between

Depending on your goals we may:

  • Do just a few sessions
  • Commit long-term
  • Meet every week, every other week, or once a month – most students are on a twice a month schedule
  • Integrate private lessons with the course (I can advise if this may be right for you – it is a great way to save money while still getting personal coaching and feedback)

And psst,

I have a secret for you – if you follow my practicing suggestions precisely it will allow you to get the most out of your practicing time. The trick lies in the details.

If you are

  • prepared to work smart rather than hard
  • ready to practice regularly rather than long hours
  • willing to slow down enough to take it all in…
  • follow directions and be kind to yourself in the process…

then measurable progress is imminent.



Here is what Kevin reports after six lessons:


So I can serve my current students most effectively, I am not taking on any new students at the moment. Please add your name to the waiting list. If you have package credits (they never expire) or have taken lessons before, you may use the links above to book a slot on my calendar.

Add me to the Waiting List

I have wasted so much time with talented well-intended musicians who just don’t know how to teach. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Ariane. I have never had a teacher of this caliber in any area of my life including high school and college. In this day and age, with so much content online it’s easy to get overwhelmed and distracted. 

Ariane has a process. A process that is proven. It works and I feel like I have improved more in the last few months of studying with her than in the last several years. She also understands the theory behind learning. She applies that theory to every component of her teaching. 

On a personal level, she is incredibly passionate about teaching and truly cares about her students getting results and enjoying the process.

She is a true gift to me and I am sure all those who come in contact with her.

Joseph Tumolo  (personal email)

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