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Transcribe! is one Nifty Program

Transcribe! for Windows     Transcribe! for Mac   Transcribe for Linux

Here are 9 reasons why you really should look into it:

  • It is far superior to iTunes and other audio players (or worse, YouTube!) in just finding your spot. Ever try to transcribe a tune using YouTube? Forget about getting to your spot instantly (wheel galore! But also inaccurate). With Transcribe! you can quickly navigate to exactly where you need to be. And I mean exactly– down to the very note! Or explore a fraction of the beat. Zoom into that waveform until it fills your screen!
  • Awesome key commands to make navigating the song a breeze!
  • Speed up or slow way down without changing the key!
  • Change the key of any song (Working with singers, anyone?)
  • Loop sections and shed!
  • Boost frequencies to hear certain instruments better!
  • Set section markers, measure markers or even beat markers!
  • Export transposed or slowed down files for students, band mates…!
  • Even slow down videos and zoom in down to the exact note!

Yes, there are other programs that can fulfill basic slow down/speed up functions – even free ones like Audacity. There is the “Amazing Slow-downer” and iPhone app I like, AnyTune Pro.

But Transcribe!‘s cool features and intuitive layout, great algorithms (minimizing mickey-mousing when changing tempo or keys) and killer exporting options make it by far my favorite of the lot.



Whether you are new to taking tunes off a recording or are shedding bebop solos trying to check out the nooks and crannies of your heroes’ work, Transcribe! will be your best friend.

But use wisely- as a tool, not a crutch.

Check out my tutorial, complete with a list of my favorite, easy to remember key commands.

Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate, y’all!  I only recommend products I believe in and actually use on a daily basis myself. Boom! Please use the following links to purchase.

Transcribe! for Windows

Transcribe! for Mac

Transcribe for Linux


Download Transcribe! Key commands List as a PDF


PS to add: Proud to say Seventhstring Software’s Andy Robinson listed this tutorial on his website with a nice endorsement after watching it. Oh yes, and we are right under Jennifer Batten’s tutorial 🙂

Here is an excellent 30 minute tour of Transcribe! – thank you Ariane Cap.

Transcribe! Key commands


  • Chris Denslow
    May 23, 2019, 07:37  Reply

    Awesome read as I had no idea how to use in a beneficial way.

  • Wes Watson
    May 25, 2019, 10:50  Reply

    I’m on iOS – iPhone XR: I picked up Anytune which does a lot of great things free or pretty inexpensively.

    • Ari
      May 27, 2019, 00:39

      yes, I do recommend AnyTune for ithings as well. If you want completely free, Audacity is an option as well.

      Transcribe just sounds so much better when you speed up/slow down and the interface is much more intuitive. Plus: can’t beat the keycommands and functionality!

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