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Student Feature: Harry’s Journey Over the Rainbow

  13.01.2022   Ari   Student Feature, Videos   No comments

A Rainbow of Colors: A Great Modes Drill Many students are incredibly confused about the modes – what they are, how they sound, how to use them, etc.  My theory

Student Feature: Jeremy Sherman

  16.01.2020   Ari   Student Feature, Videos   2 Comments

Student Feature Jeremy: Beautiful Practice in A One of the milestone exercises I assign to almost all of my students over the course of me working with them is our

Watch my Student… play Beautiful Practice in Eb!

  13.06.2019   Ari   Student Feature, Videos   4 Comments

Scroll down to watch the video Student Feature: Beautiful Practice Beautiful Practice is a practice regimen that tackles a whole legion of core challenges: the diatonic cycle arpeggios inversions of

Adrian’s Silent Night Rendition

  22.12.2018   Ari   Student Feature, Videos   No comments

Student Feature: Adrian Pop Today I received this email and video from a bass player, a student of the course and an avid follower of my blog.  It makes me

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