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Music Cannot be Confined – A track in seven days

  15.11.2021   Ari   Playing Videos, Videos   2 Comments

Fusion Bags – Music Cannot be Confined!! There’s no doubt that the pandemic has reduced and eliminated opportunities for musicians to get together and play. Gigs and tours have been

Merry Christmas Everyone

Happy Holidays 2021! This pandemic stuff has made for yet another hard year for so many. I hope you and yours are doing well and are staying healthy and resilient.

Chromatic Acrobatics (Practicing Technique? Learn a cool groove!)

Color “Outside the Lines” Using Chromatics! If you are looking to come up with some fresh ideas for grooves, try injecting some chromatics. “Chroma” is the Greek word for color.

Check out my new Facebook Ad…. (we had some fun with that!)

Do you Have That Sinking Feeling That Your Bass Playing Lacks Foundation? Thanks to Stuart Hamm for showing me this great place to shoot a bass course ad of all

Four Part Fugue with Stuart Hamm

  16.09.2020   Ari   Playing Videos, Videos   2 Comments

 Four-voices Fugue on Basses What a pleasure to record this with not only one Stu Hamm, but two of him! What’s a fugue? It is a musical composition in which

This was an amazing technique workout [Video with Mark Smith/Bach Prelude] – with TUTORIAL

  20.08.2020   Ari   Playing Videos, Videos   1 Comment

Bach Prelude Number 2 for 2 Basses with Mark Smith! Mark Smith of approached me a while back about doing a Bach piece together. And he happened to suggest

You Got a Friend in me [UBass solo • VIDEO]

  30.07.2020   Ari   Playing Videos, Videos   5 Comments

My Little UBass Friend and I have a Little Note for you… Enjoy!       Thank you Kala, for creating amazing instruments that are highly addictive and impossible to

Quarantine Blues! (How to do a remote video collaboration)

  16.04.2020   Ari   Playing Videos, Videos   10 Comments

Corona Blues? Make a remote video! I am sending good thoughts to all my readers and bass friends.❤️ It’s been a challenging time for so many due to a variety

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