Ari’s Rhythm Matrix

Ari’s Rhythm Matrix is a revolutionary teaching method to help you:

  • Play so it makes them want to dance and bop their heads
  • Nail rhythms – even syncopated ones that often give students trouble
  • Feel rhythm in your body (counting only gets you so far as it keeps you in your head)
  • Improvise freely
  • Read rhythms with ease – even complex ones that have ties and rests
  • Feel the subdivision accurately
  • Tighten up your groove
  • Correctly identify (and make groove!) straight and swung rhythms
  • Play well with a drummer
  • Get called again and again – because playing with you simply “feels good”

It’s such an elusive thing…

I have met so many players who have a sense that something in their playing just isn’t right. They play the right notes, but something “feels off.”

They have amazing licks and runs – often copied from their heroes – under their fingers, but when they play them, they are often told to “play less” (but what they really want is for you to clean up a messy rhythm.)

Many tend to blame these problems on technique or a “lack of talent”. Some have even been told by teachers that they simply “don’t have it” and should quit. But what it very often comes down to is that many players struggle because nobody ever took the time to help them with what simply are unaddressed rhythmic issues.

Without addressing rhythmic issues, nothing you play will shine properly

The most amazing bass lines won’t mean anything to the listener if the rhythm doesn’t feel right! (Famously, it really don’t mean a thing… if it ain’t got that swing!)

I developed a system that is designed to help you feel rhythm in your body. If you’d like to check it out, you can sign up for a Level I Rhythm Matrix Masterclass recording, click here.

Rhythm Matrix Ariane Cap