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If you haven’t gotten it yet…

If you got it but haven’t “un-tubed” it yet…

If you got it – here is how to use it!

General Wall Staring Tips

The Chart Music Theory for the Bass Player:

  • Great for overview without having to thumb through the book pages to find certain topics and overviews
  • Making connections between concepts at one glance
  • Constant reminders of the most important and foundational aspects of music theory (isn’t it comforting that it all fits on an 18 by 27 wall chart?)
  • An excellent practice tool for a complete theory foundation run-down

Watch the three videos below for off-the-wall

  • overview
  • sample practice regimen
  • Ari’s Interval Formula!

45 minutes of helpful instructions, including a sample session!

Resource referenced in the video

To Find Your Note of the Day

Note of the Day – Note Generator

or use this Musician’s Dice

use the wall chart with this dice

Watch videos on

How to Use the Wall Chart

Sample Exercise Regimen

Ari’s Interval Formula

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