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Happy Holidays 2020!

2020 has been one. hard. year.

So many people have been adversely affected. And while personally, I have been very blessed, many of my friends, colleagues and relatives have not been as fortunate and are having a rough go of it. My hope is that the Holidays can bring everyone a sense of peace and calm as we weather this storm.

With that in mind, here is a little musical greeting from me to you. It’s my favorite Christmas tune, written by an Austrian incidentally, and I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Thank you very much for keeping up with the grooves here at ArisBassBlog. We cherish every single one of you!

Happy Holidays! Stay safe and healthy!

Here’s to a groovy 2021!

Ari and the A-Team (Wolf, Fred, Heather, Carlo, Charylu, Steve, Howard, and the GrooveCats, Akai, Pebbles, and Momo)

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  • Tom D
    December 24, 2020, 08:47  Reply

    Thank you Ari. And Merry Christmas to you!
    That is all I really want to say, but apparently I need at least 60 characters. So here we go.

    • Ari
      December 24, 2020, 16:49

      Thanks for prevailing through the character limitations. It’s a security feature 🙂
      Merry Christmas!

  • Dan Albers
    December 24, 2020, 11:09  Reply

    Care full and beautiful! Thank you! Have safe and happy holidays.

    • Ari
      December 24, 2020, 16:48

      Thanks for listening and commenting Dan! Same to you and yours!

  • December 24, 2020, 16:17  Reply

    Enjoyed your arrangement of Franz Gruber’s classic 1818 carol, originally written for guitar, and – if you can find a few spare moments – you might like to listen to Mark’s version on Youtube, at the website referenced below.

    Happy Christmas and hoping for better in 2021,

    • Ari
      December 24, 2020, 16:46

      Thanks Granville. Same to you and yours! Mark is a good bud of mine, I enjoyed his video you sent. I also did a tutorial on my version, it’s from 2018. If you’d like to learn it:
      Merry Christmas!

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