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Surprise your Family with a Christmas Song Solo Bass Style!

Surprise your Family with a Christmas Song Solo Bass Style!

SIlent Night

My favorite Christmas song – Silent Night – for solo bass

Learn it now!

Enjoy my solo bass rendition of my favorite Christmas song which also happens to have been written by a fellow Austrian.

I have two versions for you – an easier one and a tougher one. First, here is the tougher one:

Want to learn how to play it?

Scared of the six string? No sweat, I show it to you on the four string 🙂

If you are afraid to get your fingers in a pretzel in the above version,  learn an easy version!

Easy Version Tutorial starts at 18:02!

Here are the PDFs:

Easy Version: Just Melody and Bass: Silent Night Ariane Cap Solo Bass EZ Version

Full Version: Silent Night Full Version


And if you liked this and are tackling it – I’d love it if you sent me a video or audio recording of yourself playing it! You can also post it right here into the comments, too!

I wish for your Holidays to be filled with music, family and love!

Merry Christmas!


PS: Also, check out my Truefire Pentatonic Playground DVD, it makes for the perfect gift for the bass players in your life (including yourself!). Truefire is running all sorts of specials right now. Make sure to visit!

Ariane Cap bass guitar lessons: https://truefire.com/e4365

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6 Replies to “Surprise your Family with a Christmas Song Solo Bass Style!”

  1. Ari, I love this and can’t wait to learn to play it myself (although I suspect the simpler version may be more my speeed). Do you have any idea when it’s going live on TrueFire? I’m a bit worried I may have missed it already.

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