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Expand Online Summit

Expand Online Summit

Expand Online Summit

As many of you know I built my own teaching platform online. This is a monumental effort for which I soon discovered I needed help. I found a trusted developer named Jaime who has worked on some design and technical aspects of my setup over the last few years. As a matter of fact, I became one of her star clients, who she wrote and podcasted about.

Recently she invited me to be interviewed for an online summit she has put together for creatives. The “Expand Online Summit” contains a lot of useful resources that are applicable to creatives, musicians, Etsy store owners, coaches and teachers. What is unique about Jaime is that she focuses on the creatively minded who are full of ideas and need help implementing them online.

The “Expand Online Summit” starts on May 4th and you can participate. Many musicians and music teachers are part of it sharing their expertise. I highly recommend you check it out. Jaime offers several bonuses at the moment and huge savings, so go to the Expand Online link now!

I usually keep all my posts music focused. I am making an exception here because so many of my musician colleagues are hurting due to the cancellation of all gigs and closure of so many schools for teaching. They urgently find themselves needing to expand online. Jaime really is a good partner in this because she understands the kind of help creatives need.

You receive tech, marketing, and business advice, help for follow-through, a community, and hands-on help.

Here is a message from Jaime with more info:

Have you been dreaming of expanding your business online, especially in the current state of the world? Stop dreaming and join me for the 1st annual Expand Online Summit for Artists from May 4 – May 8, 2020.

Expanding online doesn’t have to be overwhelming or out of reach. You can do this, and this completely online event includes a ton of inspiration and practical advise for carving out your online space.

No matter how tech-adverse you might be, you can create something online. The amazing thing about this summit is that it’s specifically for people like us – masters and meddlers of the arts!

You’ll learn about online visuals, online messaging, where to sell, what to sell and avoiding mistakes to make the move online faster and easier for you.

Whether you want to take what you’ve always done in person and translate that directly into something online or want to dig deeper into the part of your business that brings you the most joy, you’ll find a way in these sessions.

There are over 20 interviews and training sessions included and you have access to all of them by signing up for free!

Click here to sign up for the Expand Online Summit!

You’re passionate about your art and I want to see you succeed in the online space. I know you’ve got what it takes, so join me for the Expand Online Summit today!


PS: There is no cost to attend and each session will be available for 48 hours so that you can carve out times that work for you to watch them!

Click here to sign up for Expand Online. [Seminar over]

More questions answered in my “Take Your Teaching Online” Seminar

teaching music onlineI have continued to receive questions about online teaching and have added more answers to my free online course “Take Your Teaching Online“.

Here are a few of the new questions I answered:

  • how to improve the teaching experience on zoom (sound, logistics)
  • how I create easy sign-ups for students
  • and how I host my courses online
  • how to work around not being able to accompany a student and transpose on the fly

I continue to update the course with questions I keep getting. If you have additional questions you may submit them here.

See you online!


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