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ariane cap bass summitThe “Become a Bassist” Summit

FREE ONLINE EVENT | August 10-14 2020

There’s a really cool event coming up in a few weeks that I’m a part of. Me and nearly 20 other bass players and teachers are getting together for a ‘bass summit’.

What the heck is that?

It’s an online event where we’ll do in-depth masterclasses on everything from technique to improvising to making a living as a bassist.

I’m really excited to be speaking alongside bassists like

  • Bryan Beller
  • Nick Clark
  • Damian Erskine
  • Steve Jenkins
  • Noa Kageyama  
  • Tim Lefebvre
  • Ryan Madora 
  • Luke McIntosh
  • Mark Peric
  • Magnus Sjöquist 
  • Mark Smith 
  • Roy Vogt

and many others!

Join us – it’s free! You just have to go to the registration page, use your email address to claim your free ticket, then on the first day of the summit, you’ll be sent the first batch of masterclasses.

Get Your Free Summit Ticket Here 

My masterclass is on August 12th, the third day of the summit and I’m teaching you how to use music theory shapes to create your own grooves (all levels welcome!)
In this session learn how knowing music theory as shapes on the fretboard can open up creative doors for you. Start with a simple interval and add elements one by one to get grooving! Improvisation makes theory stick! Steve Jenkins, Roy Vogt and Tim Lefebvre are on that day, too.

It’s going to be really cool.

I’ll see you then!

Register here for your free ticket


  • Tommy Grant
    August 7, 2020, 15:07  Reply

    Just would like to know what time to come on each day please.

    • Ari
      August 7, 2020, 15:15

      The release schedule is on this page It is pre-recorded, my segment includes backing tracks and PDFs. Enjoy!

  • Randy Mabry
    August 20, 2020, 13:36  Reply

    I watched your segment on “BecomeaBassist”. I want you to know, that YOUR session of all the sessions was the most useful to me. I just started playing bass (extreme novice) but I do play piano. Your methods and terminology really resonant with my learning style. I immediately bought your Music Theory book and received it a couple days ago. I’m excited to start working through it.
    Thank you!

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