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Why I love Philly: Bass Boot Camp! (POSTPONED)

Why I love Philly: Bass Boot Camp! (POSTPONED)

Bass BootCamp 2020 Ariane Cap Ariane Cap Philly Bass Bootcamp

** Please note that Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp has been postponed and rescheduled for August 14 – 16! **

Four Reasons why I love Philly, where Bass BootCamp is about to hit!

Why I love Philadelphia

Philly is special to me for a variety of reasons already… though, as you will see Bass BootCamp promises to be off the charts!

1 • One more mile!!!

Ariane Cap Philly Marathon

For one, I ran a marathon there – my one and only, not counting the San Francisco half-marathon!

I was going through some severe challenges between 2003 and 2007. In the thick of it, I decided if I’d ever make it through this, I’d celebrate by running a marathon.

Well, here I am, high-fiving the finish sign!

2 • Getting to sit in with… Victor Wooten!

Then, in 2005 I was on tour in Philadelphia with my then band Tempest. We were on one of these long van tours with a gig every day in a different town and just one day off a week. So we are in Philly and it so happens to be a Monday, our usual day off! And I search what’s going on in Philly. And – whoa – Victor Wooten’s Soul Circus is playing just down the street from my hotel. It’s near sold-out but with a network of Bass Camp Alumni in my flip-phone, I get help from the Philly locals and score a ticket!

I text Vic telling him I was coming to his show, and he texts back “Bring your bass!”. I think I stared at that text without comprehending it for about five minutes.

So I do and he gets me up on stage to play together with him and the awesome Alana Rocklin! Jeff Coffin (Flecktones Band, Dave Matthews Band, another big favorite of mine) plays with us, too, and Derico Watson!

I don’t know how Vic does it, but I was zero nervous. He had heard me play before at camps. I trusted his call and it went great.

Jeff Coffin:

And since it’s Philly, look who else was there. That was after we played.

Gerald Veasley and Victor Wooten

3 • Gerald Veasley

The first bass camp I ever attended in my life was with Gerald Veasley in Linz, Austria, of all places. I was very green on the instrument. Becoming a professional was but a distant dream of mine. Maybe it wasn’t even a dream yet. But Gerald surely planted a seed and I can tell you why: he talked about tapping into something bigger than ourselves when we play (it became tangible when he improvised away), and about meeting ourselves when striving for excellence. He discussed that the musician is of service and that the pursuit to improve was a very worthwhile one. I remember him saying that it was important to give oneself permission to claim practice time. Something definitely clicked for me that day and I left hugely inspired.

Here is me with Gerald many years after that at a Victor Wooten Bass Nature Camp. See me beam, and also: my first six-string. Her name was Desert Rose!

4 • Philly Folk Fest

I also love Philly because I played Philly Folkfest with Tempest a few times. Always a great gig.

Ariane Cap Philly Folkfest
With Leif Sorbye, Michael Mullen, Ronan Carrol and Adolfo Laszo of Tempest at the Folk Stage, Philly Folk Fest 2005.
Ariane Cap Tempest
Philly Folk Fest 2005 with Tempest, Main Stage
Wireless freedom at Philly Folk

And why am I telling you about Philly right now? Because I am about to head there. It is…

Time for Bootcamp! Bass BootCamp that is!

I am excited to be on faculty for Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp in Philly this year to add even more reasons to love my favorite town. It is a huge honor and I can’t wait! The camp features classes, instruction, a concert, a gear expo and more!

Check out the faculty below! Latest news is that Bakhiti Kumalo is joining in as well!

To look at the instructor’s profiles click through and then select the instructor’s image for more info:

Bass Bootcamp Ariane Cap

Here is the registration link:

Register for Bass BootCamp

Gear Expo at Bass Bootcamp

And not only can you attend camp, but you can also check out The Gear Expo! Imagine a mini-NAMM Show, bass-related gear only!

There will even be a class on setting up your ax held by Michael Tobias himself. Prepare to be blown away in a masterclass with Stanley Clarke!

Bass Bootcamp ariane cap

One-on-one Lessons at Bass Bootcamp

I get many emails from bass players from all over the world who are looking to study with me. I offer private lessons online and I have a waiting list at the moment. If you’d like to add yourself to my waiting list for private lessons with Ariane Cap, go ahead, click here! If you don’t want to wait, come to Philly and register now for Bass Boot Camp! In addition to the classes, you can sign up for individual lessons with many of the instructors.

And wait, there is more…

The All-Star concert at the Bass Bootcamp

This year camp celebrates Mingus and P-Funk! If you cannot make camp, I hope you can at least join us here, because I do know that You want the funk!!

Bass Bootcamp ariane cap

Hope to see you there!

Now you know why I love Philly. Can’t wait!


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0 Replies to “Why I love Philly: Bass Boot Camp! (POSTPONED)”

  1. Wow, you got to sit in with Victor Wooten! I can only imagine how amazing that experience must be. He (and Louis Johnson) are like Gods of the bass!

    I play trumpet and was able to see one of my heroes live (Arturo Sandoval). I wouldn’t think I could make it if he asked me onto the stage to play.

    This makes me want to play more bass and get better.

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