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The Pattern System
for the Bass Player

Sharpen your musical mind through fretboard proficiency and mental practice

by Ariane Cap

Don't just train your fingers.
Train your musical mind along with them.

It starts with 5 shapes and mental practice.
It ends with fretboard freedom. 

Music Theory for the bass player lifestyle ad Arisbassblog

The Pattern System is an epic journey and a revolutionary concept teaching fretboard proficiency, combined with improvisation and mental practice that leads to fretboard freedom. 


How is this Pattern book different from the Theory book?

Music THeory for the bass player Ariane Ari Cap

In Ari’s Music Theory for the Bass Player book you learn the foundation, the lego pieces music is made ofAKA “theory”.

You understand how the fretboard works and how music works.
You embrace the importance of shapes, fingering and technique. You get a solid theory foundation. 

In Ari’s and Wolf’s 20 Unit Theory Course you put these lego pieces to work and construct your own bass lines and practice theory, styles, and note finding with Ari. You learn to bring theory to life through improvisation.

You make these shapes yours by putting them into a variety of contexts and you begin to discover “your voice”.

Your technique begins to relax, and your solid knowledge gives you confidence! What comes next?

With the Pattern System, then, you take all these fundamentals to an entirely new world of competence

pattern system for the bass player ariane ari Cap Wolf Wein

Based on five basic scale patterns you learn the fretboard inside out. All keys, all across the fretboard, vertically, horizontally, diagonally! The shapes themselves, then “shapes within shapes”, such as triads, pentatonics and modes. 

And that is just one exciting part of it:

A pattern doesn’t just refer to a pattern on the fretboard. Music itself is made of patterns! The Pattern System teaches you how to think music and to translate this music onto your bass (fretboard) instantly and ultimately effortlessly.


How does the Pattern System work?

You will:

🎯 Learn five shapes and divide the bass into six areas 
🎯 Use improvisation exercises to make these shapes yours in all keys and areas of the bass, systematically 
🎯 Do mind-bending drills that train you in the patterns of the fretboard and those of music at a depth you never thought possible
🎯 Dive deeply into the wondrous world of “shapes within shapes”
🎯 Follow precise instructions on how to practice – including visualization practice away form the bass – represent and manifest music’s patterns in your mind
🎯 You will learn to think ahead
🎯 And how to play without looking at the fretboard
🎯 You will systematically train your musical mind

What do you mean by "training the musical mind"?


Student at arisbassblog
Our student Delilah doing an improv drill all across the fretboard.

“Training the musical mind means” means mental practicing of any aspect of music.
Simply put: without the mind, there is no music. No mind – no sound will come from the bass.
The mind uses our body to translate the music in our mind onto the bass.

It’s easy to get this backwards and to think the instrument creates the music. Yet it’s not so.
Rather, we use the bass to convert what’s in our minds into sound, into music.

Mental practicing is the ultimate goal and tool for deep learning.
All the physical stuff (ie the movements) ideally is an expression of what the mind produces.

That’s tricky, because often our conscious tracking of movements is not fast enough to keep up with the music.
There is a lot to track at the same time: pitch, rhythm, form, band mates, audience etc. 
Therefore we have to ingrain many of the tasks – make them automatic so our mind is free to jump around between things to track.

The Pattern System for the Bass Player

A kaleidoscope of beauty is about to reveal itself to you…

In a program about comprehensive fretboard proficiency, you likely (and rightfully!) expect to learn – all across the fretboard: 
• scales and modes
• triads
• diatonic chord progressions
• pentatonics and the like.

This book and the accompanying 111 videos deliver on this in a well-thought-out system that covers the entire fretboard with great fingering. It divides the fretboard into six areas and later combines them for horizontal and diagonal playing.

However, it goes beyond that in unique and compelling ways.

You will:

🎯 Use improvisation exercises to make the shapes yours.
🎯 Do mind-bending drills that train you in the patterns of the fretboard and those of music at a depth you never thought possible.
🎯 Dive deeply into the wondrous world of “shapes within shapes”.
🎯 Follow precise instructions on how to practice, represent and manifest music’s patterns in your mind.

This program is rigorous, and it rewards you with reliable results.

Anyone can do this — I have taught this system to casual players and highly experienced bassists alike — to rave reviews.

If you are a student or an educator this program will help you shine in any musical style.

If you are ready to turn dreams of fluent proficiency and authentic expression into reality, read this book.
Basic Theory knowledge (key signatures, chords) is required. If you are shaky on those start with Music Theory for the Bass Player 

The “Pattern System” will open doors you never knew existed.

Check out ways to study the Pattern System with Ari below

Learn the System

⚫️ The step-by-step guide to the 5 shapes in 6 areas and how to use them to train the musical mind

⚫️ Engaging Test Your Understanding questions

⚫️ Scalar Explorations, Improv drills, mental practice

⚫️ Concise practice descriptions in each chapter (called "Blueprint for Practice")

For your practice room wall

⚫️ The most important fundamentals you learned from the book at a single glance so you keep the basics top of mind

⚫️ The shapes in all areas, the area matrix, chords, pentatonics and the Practice Sequences

⚫️ The ultimate practice tool for the Pattern System


Learn the System with Ari

⚫️ In these masterclasses - recorded live on zoom - you learn the system with Ari and a group of peers

⚫️ Each masterclass ran for ten weeks. It's put together for you like a course, with 10 hours of videos, PDFs, jamtracks, diagrams, practice logs, transcriptions, animations

⚫️ You can practice along with the students and learn with and from them. They may just ask a question you had on your mind

⚫️ The longer the class went, the deeper Ari and the students got into musicality. One group went 6 levels deep. You can follow their journey.


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