Bass Theory & Song Studies

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Bass Theory
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Practice Live w Ari

Bass Theory & Song Studies

Reading "Music Theory for the Bass Player"?

Love Learning Songs?

That means you are ready to become a creative, confident and competent musician!

Learn songs the Ari way – Stop merely regurgitating and copying, instead go deeply into what makes a song so awesome. Why does that bass line work the way it does and what is the secret of coming up with lines like that yourself?

What does Live with Ari mean?

This is the gallery view in one of our lessons. Toggle to speaker view and you get Ari’s three-camera 
Is this awesome or what?!

We have a great community. 

You are muted and practice along. 

This is what i see when I teach:

practice live with ari musescore

It means you are online with Ari another students and practice under her guidance. 

On your schedule, on your mind! 

Are there any Prerequisites?

Basic playing technique and an open mind!

You do need the book and an internet connection!


Bass Theory & Song Studies is ongoing

🚀 Start and stop any time 🚀

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