Music Theory Thursdays: Intermediate Practice!

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Theory Thursdays

Practice Live w Ari

Theory Thursdays

Theory Thursdays

Reading "Music Theory for the Bass Player"?

Are you reading Ari’s music theory book? Would you like some personal support and guidance from her as you go through it?

Then join these 3 times per month sessions! Uncover what you need to go over again, put things into context and practice in Ari’s signature ways! 

What does Live with Ari mean?

It means you are online with Ari and other students and practice under her guidance. We meetthe first three Thursdays a month to practice technique, theory, creativity, improv. You can ask questions and volunteer to play. Everyone is muted so you can can hear and practice along with the jam tracks. 

Why are you offering this, Ari?

Astute learners realize quickly that the way our materials are laid out leads to game-changing results. Our students continually ask for more – more courses, more support, more practice materials, more musical applications. Most of all I notice that many do not know how to practice effectively. That’s where these sessions guide you with precision – all you have to do is turn up, tune up and tune in!

• Music Theory Thursdays is ongoing •

🚀 Start and stop any time 🚀

Watch what effective practice in a short period of time looks like!

We call it “Rapid Results Practice” for a reason! Practice effectively, receive feedback from Ari and learn together with your peers!

Is practicing Theory for me?

If you are looking to get music theory under your fingers, increase your creativity and play with more confidence and freedom – then yes, it’s for you! Theory deepens the magic, gives you tools for your creative shelf and widens your palette. If you enjoy learning with others and want to learn from Ari directly – then yes, it’s for you!

Are there any Prerequisites?

The Level is intermediate. Basic playing technique and an open mind!

You do need the book and an internet connection, bass and amp!

Note: By registering for this event, you agree to us recording the event and making it available on our platform, in our communities and on socials.

  • 3 Thursdays at 1:00PM Pacific/4:00PM Eastern Ongoing
  • Join now (first two weeks free) $99.00

And here is the Wild Part

  • We now made Theory Thursdays Rapid Results Practice part of our regular Membership!

    So if you sign up you can participate in as many of our other membership events as you wish!

    Want to try a few of our more advanced classes? Ear Training Mondays? Special events on Transcribe! Musescore or others? Join us!

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