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ArisBassBlog proudly presents:

Music Theory Book Group - Join anytime!

with Ari

The Music Theory Practice Group

Music Theory Ongoing Practice Class

Reading "Music Theory for the Bass Player"?

Are you reading Ari’s music theory book? Would you like some personal support and guidance from her?

Then join this Music Theory Practice Group! You will be able to follow along or uncover what you need to go over (again).

What is this Theory Practice Group?

If you are going through Ari’s Music Theory for the Bass Player  book, or are in her Theory course or Cohort, and are looking for even more support, you can now participate in our Theory Practice Group. Unlike our installment Plans (for courses and 10-week classes), this is billed as a monthly membership – so you can start and stop at anytime.

A monthly subscription is just $75.00 – a great value! We meet live for 45 minutes, four times a month.

Why are you offering this, Ari?

• Music Theory Practice Group is ongoing •

🚀 Start and stop any time 🚀"

Astute learners realize quickly that the way our materials are laid out leads to game-changing results. Our students continually ask for more – more courses, more support, more practice materials, more musical applications. The Practice Groups, where students get the opportunity to practice with me in real time and get immediate feedback,  are extremely popular. So, many of you asked for it and I am very happy to now add live Music Theory Practice Memberships to our repertoire!

Watch what effective practice in a short period of time looks like!

There may be one or more groups running at any given time. You can join any group at any time as every individual practice session is completely standing on its own. Where it references back to earlier sections in the book, I will provide support. 

  • You will see in the portal what pages we are currently reading so you can prepare.
  • First month is half off. 

Is this Theory Practice Group for me?

If you are looking to get music theory under your fingers, increase your creativity and play with more confidence and freedom – then yes, it’s for you! . If you enjoy learning with others and want to learn from Ari directly – then yes, it’s for you!

Are there any Prerequisites?

No need to have read the book. No need to have finished the course. If you have, fine, too. These exercises are so deep, even pros get great results from them.

You do need the book and an internet connection, bass and amp!

Note: By registering for this event, you agree to us recording the event and making it available on our platform, in our communities and on socials.

How The Theory Practice Group Works

    • This Practice Group works a bit different than our Live Classes. 
      • Start and stop at any time. Ongoing monthly membership that you can cancel at any time.   
      • Each session is complete on its own. While eventually you will want to go through the book from the beginning, I weave applications, technique and theory together into one complete and highly productive session. 
      • We go through the book. You will see in the course portal what we are working on.
      • As you join you get an instant look at the previous four weeks. 
      • Each Practice session gets recorded so if you miss one,  just catch up with the recording. 
      • These groups are highly interactive – practice together with me and hear yourself only as everyone is on mute!  
    • Our success rate for these groups has been exceptionally high. This is because the group format takes the pressure off and you learn while seeing others work toward the same goal. You are among friends and your teacher is personally coaching you using a streamlined program.   
    • Some of our groups have been together for 40 weeks or longer. The sense of community, encouragement and support is amazing. 
    • All you need is an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam (many computers have these built in already).