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Ari's Rhythm Matrix - Live Classes

Ariane Cap Rhythm Matrix

What is the Rhythm Matrix class all about?

For many, rhythm is the missing link. and I mean – the – missing link:

  • it stands in the way of you transcribing tunes by ear
  • it stands in the way of you being able to improvise freely
  • it stands in the way of your reading chops

I have seen amazing players who couldn’t make their chops shine because they were locked into the samey-samey type rhythm. Sound familiar?

On the other end of the spectrum, I have observed many beginner level players who would drop a beat here or there or freeze up when improvising, reading or trying to copy someone’s playing.

…And I have seen everything in between.

Here’s the great news: this is a really doable fix! I break down binary rhythms into 16 shapes (and ternary ones into 8) – AKA The Rhythm Matrix. This is rhythm training for bass players!

Shape-based learning is not only great for the fretboard, it works really well for rhythm too, especially because I help you feel those rhythms in your body. You cannot “count yourself” into feeling rhythm in the body, but that is exactly where it must reside for you to be able to use it freely. I have many a story to prove this to you and how starting to count can actually make you crumble! Sure, counting has its place, but try improvising while counting – it just does not work very well at all. Why is that? Simply put, it taps into a different half of the brain!

So What is one to do, then?

  • Use movement and the sensing of “light” and “heavy” beats.
  • Learn the 16 shapes and make them expand and contract.
  • Assimilate the shapes using my rhythm matrix words.

How will this help me?

It will open up creative doors, give you confidence and direction, and it is an amazing trick for reading rhythms!

Is the Rhythm Matrix class for me?

All levels of players find this approach surprisingly beneficial. Usually, the revelation is – oh wow this is not so hard! Then we practice it – I show you how – and a strong rhythmic foundation becomes yours forever. Advanced players improve their reading chops and discover new ideas for solos. Players at the beginning of their journey benefit by learning a good rhythmic foundation that is felt in the body!

Which Level is right for me?

Even as an advanced player you will want to sign up for Level 1 as it is Level 1 in the method. Advanced readers will have an easier time yet will still highly value the tips for tightening the groove, deepening rhythmic creativity and feeling the internal metronome.   
Level 2 is specifically for attendees of Level 1. It goes deeper into rhythms, interesting rhythmic groupings, adds ties, complex syncopations, and more!  

That said, the Level 1/2 class starting on June 23, 2022 is open to newbs as well as those who simply need more practice in Level 1 – all with fresh angles and samples, so join us/join us again!

Level 2/3 is designed for attendees of Level 1/2 and goes even deeper into rhythms more subtle and complex rhythmic groupings and syncopations.

Note: By registering for this event, you agree to us recording the event and making it available on our platform, in our communities and on socials.

Ariane Cap Rhythm Matrix Level 1-2
  • Thurs at 10:00AM Pacific/1PM Eastern In Progress
  • One-time Tuition $370.00
  • Two Installments $195.00
Ariane Cap Rhythm Matrix Level 3
Ariane Cap Rhythm Matrix Level 3

How Live Classes Work

      • Welcome to Ten Week Live Classes with a small group of peers LIVE on zoom or doozzoo with Ari or a handpicked teacher!

          • Meetings every week for 10 weeks!  
          • Specific practice assignments clearly described. 
          • Each Live Class gets recorded and stays available to the attendees for the duration of the class plus an additional ten weeks afterwards.
          • These classes are highly interactive – practice together with me and hear yourself only as everyone is on mute!  
          • We offer many opportunities to play in front of the group to those who would like to do so. While it is always your choice, we always encourage you to volunteer to present your assignment.
          • You can post written homework to our discussion boards.
          • Our success rate for these groups has been exceptionally high. This is because the group format takes the pressure off and you learn while seeing others work toward the same goal. You are among friends and your teacher is personally coaching you using a streamlined program.  
          • Some of our groups have been together for 40 weeks or longer. The sense of community, encouragement and support is amazing. 
          • All you need is an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam (many computers have these built in already).