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 The Comprehensive Companion Course to the Bestselling Book

Get a solid technique and music theory foundation – My 20 week course guides you step by step to playing with more confidence and freedom.


The-Course Music Theory for the Bass player

“I’m loving the course. I’m progressing beyond my expectations”
Rich P, August 2016

One time tuition $249.00    5 Installments 49.95 *

Learn how to apply music theory concepts to your instrument/ your music / your songs / your bass lines right from the first lesson…

Music Theory for the Bass Player – The Course to go with the book!

“I first ran across your videos on no treble and I was particularly drawn to the fact that your lessons are grounded in theory and, just as importantly, you address the specific mechanical approach to the instrument with regard to technique.  It took me years to realize that my brain would prefer to coordinate the same finger on each hand at the same time causing a mental glitch when it conflicted with the actual music being attempted.  I truly appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to address these type of issues, something that’s been done with upright bassists for years. Money well spent!”
Chris N, August 2016


In this 20 unit online course we help you every step of the way! We will personally guide you through every aspect of these pages and far beyond.  

I co-created this course with my own teacher and mentor, Wolf Wein.

Hi Ariane,

With much satisfaction and personal gratification, I’m happy to say that a few  weeks ago I completed my first pass through all of the material included in Music Theory for the Bass Player, The Course! and am amazed, shocked, stunned at the amount that I learned. The course in combination with your book Music Theory for the Bass Player is an excellent value. They offer an enormous amount of information for the dedicated student. I figure that I probably realistically only retained about 10% of the material, but 10% of enormous is still a lot, especially considering that I commenced the endeavor at the nadir of musical knowledge. Thanks for producing such an exceptional product.

CH, personal email, used with permission

 This is what you get:

  • Weekly emails for 20 weeks with targeted reading and video watching assignments, with all the links in one place!
  • Additional exercises in videos and PDFs that are not available in the book: creative applications, applications, applications! They will help you get the theory shapes under your fingers while having fun in the process.
  • Access to additional videos (as well as the free ones on the site)!
  • Guidance for great technique while covering the theory.
  • Awesome audio background tracks created by fellow bassist and composer Wolf Wein, to practice to!
  • Peer Support and Motivation
  • Practice tips, and constant encouragement!
  • Live Q & A’s with me.

Best investment I ever made!
Barry P, August 2016

Each weekly unit is divided into the following sections:


This is where we set the tone and goals for the week, where you get your reading assignments from the book and other info.

Finger Kung Fu

Finger Kung Fu is all about technique. These practice regimens get your fingers in shape and get you prepared to face any foe like scales, tricky grooves, fills or solos! Usually three videos in this section to practice along with.

Theory Practice

Let’s put theory into practice in this weekly video! The video(s) here help with fretboard fitness so we know our way around. We may be creating grooves using a theory concept as a starting point, improvise a new sound/shape we just learned, shed the notenames in a musical context… Often we practice the new concepts all over the fretboard – let’s put theory into action!

Bassline Lab

Lab is all about creating your own bass lines with the theory material we have studied earlier. One exercise I call “Groove and Fill” in particular will help you put the theory materials to great creative use. My students get addicted to this exercise fast! Each week builds on the previous one and we will do this in lots of variations.

Combo Class

Whether it is a technical exercise put into a groove context or a theory concept practiced rhythmically, here you are getting a double bang for your practicing buck! In particular, a series I call “Creative Notefinder” takes us through all 21 notes (yes, 21, not a typo) in a way that helps us find the notes all over the fretboard, while making use of new concepts we learned. Another favorite where students say it doesn’t feel like practicing at all, but jamming, rather! we switch it up each unit also by using different time signatures and adding progressively harder additional assignments rather than “just” finding the notes.

Hip Bit

Cool stuff, fun stuff, sample licks, fills, grooves… all that goes here!


The Outro section is much more than an outro. It contains tips to making your practice more effective, helpful insights from learning psychology and all the PDFs and sound files in a handy zip file, so you can down load them in one click!

One time tuition $249.00     5 Installments 49.95 *

“I got way more material than I expected!”
The majority of course participants when asked about the pricing of the course


This is for you, if…:

  • You want to crack the code of songs and free yourself from relying on TAB (often inaccurate) from the internet.
  • You want to liberate yourself from only hogging the roots and play with confidence and freedom over chord changes.
  • You are interested in improvising and crafting your own bass lines, grooves, fills and solos.
  • You want to communicate effectively with your band mates!
  • You want to gear up for jam sessions and gigs.
  • You want to enter the professional music scene, but have been fearful of what might be thrown at you.
  • You are attending music school or college and need help with your theory classes from a bass player’s perspective.
  • You have technique issues or habits that get in the way.
  • Above all, you want to learn music theory for the bass player!

This Course is not for you, if…:

  • You are not interested in additional material, practice techniques, tips on technique or fingerings and creative applications of music theory.
  • You are happy playing songs by rote and don’t desire to learn how to create your own lines and play more freely on the fretboard.
  • You are not willing to follow technique exercises that ask you to go slow, to take a step back, learn to relax with the instrument and incorporate breathing.
  • You are not interested in anything that involves visualization and mental training, and only want to play licks and songs, accepting compromises in technique and tone.
  • You are looking for a course on reading music, or reading bass line transcriptions. (That is a different book/course).
  • You are looking for a course on slapping, tapping, pick playing, and other playing techniques  (also a different course).

Great for:

  • Motivated and enthusiastic beginners who have a minimum of playing experience (complete beginner crash course contained in the course)
  • Seasoned Players who want to improve their technique, plug a few music theory holes and understand the fret board even better
  • Anyone in between
  • Anyone who is truly interested in improving their playing technique
  • Teachers and educators (including non bassists)

“You’re the first Bassplayer/teacher/person I have come across that’s able to go “beyond” the technical, or to make “us” (certainly me) see that it’s not very complicated or very technical. Well maybe it is complicated and technical but somehow you are able to take away “the fear” and let people (again: certainly me) dive in, take the plunge. And on top of that you have the talent to make it fun!”
Hans D

What you need:

  • The book (get it on Amazon or order it in bookstores. Bookstores have access to it via the Gardners Catalogue) 
  • Email and an internet connection! This is all online. Exclusive content will be streamed straight to you.
  • Your bass 🙂

“Five Stars!”
Michael C

No more excuses! Do it, once and for all!

This first round will go through the book comfortably in 20 Weeks. This may seem long but it is a realistic amount of time to get some really great habits going, familiarize yourself with all you need to know about music theory to face most situations! You will make huge gains in your technique, fretboard knowledge and understanding of music. Follow along and see for yourself. I guarantee you will make huge gains in the first week already, or your money back!

We offer a full, 15-day refund if you are not satisfied with the course.

You have 15 days, which gives you the first 3 units, to evaluate the course. If by then you are not happy with the materials, just email us and we will refund your money.

One time tuition $249.00     5 Installments 49.95

Tuition for this 20 unit course is excellent value:

Get this course now for $249.00. That’s just 12.45 per unit. Each unit contains over an hour of video, transcriptions, back ground tracks and additional text. It’s much more than I can fit into a one-on-one lesson. Or Break the payment down into five easy payments. Remember, you retain life-time access!


Check out the FAQ section or email us!

And this is how all this came about… Your feedback!

My book Music Theory for the Bass Player was published in September 2015 and has since become a smashing hit. The idea of presenting Music Theory in a way that is both relevant and applicable to the bass guitar player resonated with many.

People also loved the fact that it is not necessary to be able to read music in order to study my book.

This is because while reading music is an essential skill, it is a different skill than music theory and – for bassists – should not be learned at the same time as music theory. 

However, many general theory books do just that: teach learning to read music simultaneously with theory. On page 1 you learn the difference between a whole note from a half note, and on page 5 you’re knee deep in arpeggios and scales.

While this may work for theorists or composers, it often does not work for the bass player.


One time tuition $249.00     5 Installments 49.95

Knowing your way around on the fretboard is a study of its own (I will tackle this in a future publication).

Plus, learning theory through looking at dots on a staff is a lost opportunity: Bassists are used to shapes and patterns on the fretboard – if you have played just one song on the bass you have run into something that can be explained with a music theory term.

Theory, in my book (ha!), is best taught 1200x628by utilizing the intuitive knowledge bassists already have. That’s why I use fretboard diagrams of shapes and patterns to decipher the building blocks of music known as music theory.

Learning to read is much easier after you learn theory!

Since the book came out I have spoken with hundreds of bassists all over the world. I have put out surveys and checked in to see how bassists were liking the book.

The positive responses and praise has been extremely exciting to me.

And, sometimes people say things like:

  • I have a hard time going through any book on my own.
  • It is a motivational thing.
  • A focus thing.
  • I want someone to hold me accountable.
  • I wish there were a course like at a college, that would meet every week, with homework and all.
  • I need something I could just follow along with. I wish I could pop in a video and you’d practice with me, like a workout DVD!

Some said they wanted an opportunity to ask me questions;

Some did not want to go searching for the videos that go with certain chapters and just wanted it all laid out in front of them.

In other words: they were asking for additional guidance!

One time tuition $249.00     5 Installments 49.95

I listened, and am happy to present to you:


Watch this short video introduction about this course, how it came about and how it works:

Tuition for this 20 unit course is excellent value:

Get this course now for $249.00. That’s just 12.45 per unit. Each unit contains over an hour of video, transcriptions, back ground tracks and additional text. It’s much more than I can fit into a one-on-one lesson. 

This course is comprehensive, systematic and in-depth. It covers theory, technique, groove creation, fretboard harmony and more.

Yes, we are aware, that installment plans usually cost more than the all up-front fee. In an effort to keep tuition as low as possible, this is the current and intended rate. Rates may change in the foreseeable future.

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