What is all the buzz about this course?
In short: it gets results!

Why Music Theory for the Bass Player, you may wonder.

I will explain. But first let me tell you that if you have found us, congratulations. Likely it means that you are a growth-minded musician, ready to step it up a few notches! Welcome!

Can you imagine being confident all over the fretboard, relaxed and musically free? Expressing your own ideas and gaining respect from your bandmates and friends and fans?

No matter where you are in your bass journey – if you are

  • disciplined
  • have a bit of courage
  • and an open mind

you can move mountains if you follow the prescriptions in this course (on your bass and beyond).

What happens when you focus on these two skill sets (Technique and Theory)

  • Your technique improves. You’re more aware of what’s going on in your fingers, your hands, your entire body. Even your posture, your breathing, and your thinking become an intentional part of your playing.
  • You begin to notice the bad habits that are slowing you down as we help you overcome these roadblocks that have been holding you back for years!
  • You reach a point where you can just pick up the bass and jam– spontaneously creating your own bass lines and grooves as you play better than you ever imagined!
  • You start to understand music theory in a new way. Soon it becomes intuitive, and then, instinctive. Applied theory becomes a regular part of your growing skill as a bass player.
  • Before long, your playing feels free and spontaneous. As exercises become natural movements, you can simply groove without thinking about it. You’ll know theory in your hands as well as in your head!
  • You know the feeling… when the music just flows through you and you know exactly what note to play next and everything fits in perfectly. You can learn to play this way more consistently!

This will not happen overnight… but, if you are willing to invest in yourself with a bit of discipline, courage and an open mind… it will happen for you!

I am amazed, shocked, stunned at the amount that I learned. The course in combination with your book Music Theory for the Bass Player is an excellent value. They offer an enormous amount of information for the dedicated student.

Carmie Hull

Hi Ariane, as a self-taught bass player for many years I strongly believe that I did the best investment of my life buying the course. For the first time, I hear myself playing exactly what I want, nothing more, nothing less.

Adrian Pop

I think Ariane's approach to Theory is masterful and that it allows students to make actual progress that gets them to a place where they know their fretboards and the basics well so that when they tackle the more theoretical aspects of music, ...

Dave Dickens

I look forward to practicing and am developing a more purposeful approach to practice. It seems like I am having breakthroughs every time I sit down with the instrument.

Jesse Perez

What exactly is in this Course?

Section 1: Intro

Here we set the tone - so to speak - for the week!

You get:

  • Overviews of the unit
  • A short reading assignment from the book which includes the relevant book videos
  • Thought-provoking coaching questions for you to answer - take them seriously, they are very powerful!

Section 2 : Finger Kung Fu

Finger Kung Fu is next and it’s all about technique.

I’ll give you practice regimens to get your fingers in shape and prepare you to conquer any foe: arpeggios, tricky grooves, fills or solos!

There are usually two to four videos in this section, including some that you just pop in and practice along with - I call them "Practice with me" videos!

We progress from easy to pretty tough. This section is very popular because it is so satisfying to sense your progress each week!

Section 3: Theory Practice

Theory Practice is the third section - this is where we marry the theory knowledge of the Intro to the fretboard!

And we do it in a way that makes practical sense by emphasizing shapes and patterns.

  • We’ll create grooves using a theory concept,
  • improvise on a new sound/shape we just learned,
  • or put the theory into practice by doing some fun improvisation.
  • Often, we practice the new concepts all over the fretboard – putting theory into action! 1 to 3 videos each unit, with descriptions, PDFs, and custom composed jam tracks!

Now new:
Mindbending and challenging interactive quizzes! They are such a great way to double check yourself! Some are tongue in cheek, some make you think, some will make you laugh out loud. You can do them often, we have a large question bank so each time you do it, it varies!

Section 4: Bass Line Lab

This section gets the most thumbs up from our participants for fun factor!

Bass Line Lab follows the good grounding in theory. Here, you’ll be creating your own bass lines using the theory material we covered previously. Each week builds on the previous one, and we will do this in lots of variation

  • For example, there is one exercise I call “Groove and Fill” which helps you put the theory materials to great creative use. But watch out… this can be addictive
  • Another favorite is “Call and Response”. Can you follow along with the easier versions? How about the more advanced ones? (Hey, you can even slow down the video if it’s too fast at first!)
  • And improv, improv, improv! If you want to make a concept yours, improvise over it! 

Jamtracks, descriptions and PDFs to help you out and make it super enjoyable! 1 to 3 videos each unit!

Section 5: Combo Class

Combo Class is where you get a double bang for your practicing buck!

In particular, a series I call “Creative Notefinder” takes you through all 21 notes (Yes, twenty-one! That’s not a typo). All over the fretboard! In a systematic fashion!

Students say Combo Class doesn’t feel like practicing at all, but more like jamming with a friend, and that’s exactly what it is!

We switch it up each unit by using different time signatures and adding additional, progressively harder assignments. Wolf created a unique jam track for each note name, including wicked variations and rhythmic twists!

In later units, Combo Class turns into Styles Lab and that is all about various styles of grooves: we tackle pop, rock, reggae, funk, jazz, blues and more.

Descriptions, PDFs, jam tracks! 1 to 3 videos each unit!

Combo Class Sample

Combo Class Sample

Jamtracks, descriptions and PDFs to help you out and make it super enjoyable! 1 to 3 videos each unit!

Section 6: Hip Bit

The Hip Bit section is packed with cool stuff, fun stuff, the unexpected, sample licks, name-that-bassline drills, fills, grooves, songs... it is the icing on the cake!

PDFs, descriptions, jam tracks. You know the drill. Usually one video, sometimes more.

Wiz Bit

The Wiz Bit contains valuable practice tips and tricks! Read them, use them, and turbo-charge your practice time!

It's short, and sweet, and very useful!

Section 7: Outro

And finally, I send you off for the week with an Outro section which is much more than an outro:

  • It contains all the PDFs and jam tracks for easy download
  • as well as resources for your own practice logs,
  • and great looking unit overviews ("unit matrix" and the "Course Matrix

With that many videos and assets staying organized is key and these visually appealing resources and practice planners make that easy!

All these goodies come in handy zip files so you can download them with one click!

Ask Ari Live feat. Wolf!

Live Q and A's! These are all about you! You can ask questions in the chat or join us "on stage" and ask about that wicked fingering or show off your latest kung-fu moves! When we can get him we also feature Wolf, Ari's very own teacher!

You can watch the archives in the OUTRO section should you ever not be able to make it.

  • It contains all the PDFs and jam tracks for easy download
  • as well as resources for your own practice logs,
  • and great looking unit overviews ("unit matrix" and the "Course Matrix

With that many videos and assets staying organized is key and these visually appealing resources and practice planners make that easy!

All these goodies come in handy zip files so you can download them with one click!

And so much more

  • Reminder emails!
  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!
  • Reward emails on completion of a unit!

And that is still not all: We sprinkle motivational videos throughout the course to help you stay on track and energized.

This course is an amazing journey, guaranteed to take you to new heights in your bass pursuits!

You get all this for only $379!

Installments as low as $39.97 a month!

That is 19.95$ a unit.

Tuition as low as $39.95 a month!
(That is 19.95 a unit)

Will you have to practice for hours and hours on end?

You can if you want to but this is way better: Quality over quantity!

We show you exactly how to practice. If you follow our detailed instructions you can cut practice time dramatically while getting great results. I have met many people who have been moving their fingers mindlessly for years, sometimes decades, without seeing a lot of improvement. If this is you, you owe it to yourself to join this course and learn how to be much more effective!

What we know is that this minimum formula works for success with the course:

45 minutes of practice, 5 days a week = RESULTS!

This course is great! I’ll keep at it… I’m laughing to myself at how hard it is to keep up with you, I get a lot of value, going back over the bass Lab stuff… Livin The Dream, glad I signed up.

David Ammerman

I’m 40 years old and have been playing on and off since I was 15, but it never clicked for me. Your course and book have totally changed that. Things I could never visualize or fully understand are really starting to come together.

Chris B

Just wanted to let everyone considering taking your 20-week bass course that it is one of the best educational investments I have ever made. The weekly classes are loads of fun with plenty of variety and obtainable challenges.

Michael C

Thank you very much for making me a better bassist! 🙂 I’m entering week 19 – Maj and Min Pentatonics – and I am very excited about it as I have been over the entire course so far!

Fagner Serrano

Tuition as low as $39.95 a month!
(That is 19.95 a unit)

One of the reasons why I created this course is that my one-on-one lesson studio is full and has a long waiting list. By creating this course I make our methods available to a much larger audience – also at a fraction of the cost (note: one-on-ones with me are 95$ per lesson and the material in this course is about 40 lessons with me)

We offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee so your commitment is risk free for 20 days. Try it on for size and you’re not completely convinced that this Course is right for you, I will promptly refund your money.

There are now two tracks:

The course is the same, but the pace is different.

Choose between:

Fast Track

one unit per week!

Prepay the entire course at just 


or pay five monthly easy installments of


Steady Track

slow and steady wins the race! Choose this option  to receive a new unit every other week.


or pay ten monthly easy installments of 


What’s great is that no matter what track you choose – you retain LIFETIME ACCESS

Note: most students report taking longer than a week to practice all the material. Two weeks provides a very realistic pace that keeps you on top of the assignments at a terrific pace. Whether you chose the up-front option or the installment plan, once all installments are paid off, you retain lifetime access to the course. 

I have wasted so much time with talented well-intended musicians who just don’t know how to teach. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Ariane. I have never had a teacher of this caliber in any area of my life including high school and col...

Joe Tumolo

Ari has a very natural, easy-going teaching style (born to teach!) which creates a positive and encouraging learning environment. In addition, she is very strong on proper technique. The technique sections alone would be worth the cost of tuiti...

Fred Pucci

You get all this for only $379!

Installments as low as $39.97 a month!

That is 19.95$ a unit.

Each unit is an hour + of new video, background tracks, PDFs and more.

This course uses the book as a teaching text (and goes far beyond it!).

You can get it anywhere - info here

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

Why am I so confident saying you will move mountains with this course?

My name is Ariane Cap. I have played bass for over 27 years and have been teaching for 20 years. I’ve been featured regularly on Scott’s Bass Lessons, NoTreble, TrueFire and the International Society of Bassists. I’ve been written about in Bass Player Magazine, Bass Musician Magazine, Der Bass Professor, Riff Magazine and Bass Quarterly. 

My book, Music Theory for the Bass Player, has sold thousands of copies and is a frequent Amazon #1 Best Seller in the Bass Guitar Songbooks Category.

I am an enthusiastic teacher, and I have a long string of enthusiastic students who have made real breakthroughs with my methods. I am confident that you can move mountains with this course, too!

I have always been fascinated by the learning process – how it is different for everyone, yet how there are so many parallels and commonalities when learning an instrument. From my 20+ years of teaching bass to private students and my own 27+ years of playing experience, I realized that the “secret” for success is to start with these two vital ingredients:

  1. 1
    Solid technique– Right hand, left hand, one-finger-per-fret, alternating finger plucking, and so much more! It’s surprising how many intermediate (and even advanced) bassists have holes in their technique and are amazed how much easier playing becomes with the proper technique under their belt!
  2. 2
    Strong understanding of Music Theory – Done in a practical way and in a way that bass players learn naturally— using patterns and shapes on the fretboard that you are probably already familiar with. Providing an understanding so deep that it becomes intuitive when playing!

A smart investment in yourself!

Thanks to our early adopters

This course was first published in July 2016. Since then we have made numerous additions and improvements, we moved to a brand new platform with lots of bells and whistles and have added a lot of support and additional, very helpful content. If you were an early bird or an early adopter – you received all the upgrades at no additional cost. We would have had many reasons to charge “upgrade” and “premium” fees. We chose not to. Our commitment to you is firm and ongoing. It does not stop with you paying the tuition. We are there for you to help you succeed! And we are near obsessed with making this course the very best it can be for you!

So, make the investment in yourself. Click on the signup button below and take the big first step in becoming the bass player you always wanted to be! in yourself!

Questions and Answers about this Course

What do I need for this course?

Does this Course teach me how to read music, or is reading a pre-requesite to taking the course?

You talk a lot about “coaching” us, Ari. Nobody can make me do anything, only I can! What do you mean by your “coaching support”?

Will I learn how to create my own basslines?

Does this course go beyond the material in the book?

Is this suitable for complete beginners?

I am an advanced player and just want to plug some music theory holes. Will I get value out of this?

Can I start anytime?

What is the difference between the Fast and Steady Tracks?

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

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