Ari’s Practice Groups: EarTraining

What is it?

If you have been trying to ditch the TAB for a while and feel stuck trying, this is your group.

  • Find out why transcribing songs can be so wicked
  • what to do about rhythms and pitches and
  • how to learn your favorite songs by ear
  • I will show you tricks with technology
Each class has three sections:
1 – Pitch Practice: I use shapes (theory, really, I teach theory as shapes, so it is surprisingly familiar), Call and Response games and more!
2 – Rhythm Practice: Recognize the rhythms as patterns.
3 – Putting it together: once you have pitch and rhythm separately, put the two together. It’s a great step by step strategy!
Practicing this is a surefire way to get better at this!

Is this for me?

If you are tired of just regurgitating the TAB, join me.

We have had graduates of our Cohort and Music Theory Courses enjoy this course, as well as players on the more basic side of things. There is some overlap with Ari’s Rhythm Matrix Class. The difference between the two is that in this Ears Class we focus on transcribing songs and include pitches. The Rhythm Class is exclusively about rhythms and not so much song-centered. Here, we practice transcribing together, and lots of practice is what we need!

Prerequisites: Basic playing technique is needed. It is not necessary to do Level A before Level B etc. The groups use different songs and highlight different challenges.



  • Starting January 28th
  • Fridays, 9AM Pacific
  • 10 weeks live with Ari on zoom (recordings provided if you miss a session)




Instructor for This Group

Learn more about Ari as an educator here.

Learn more about Ari as a musician here.

What are Practice Groups and How do they work?

Swing MathThey are a great new way to study with Ari and a select group of teachers!

• Ten Week Groups with a small group of peers
• Meetings every week for 10 weeks live on zoom!
• Specific practice assignments using the accompanying material. Each Practice session gets recorded and stays available to the attendees for the duration of the practice groups plus an additional ten weeks afterward. We post the recordings of the sessions. You can go over the material again and again.

• All you need is an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam. You can test your setup here Zoom is free for you to use!


Our success rate for these groups has been exceptionally high. The group format takes the pressure off and you learn while seeing others work toward the same goal. You are among friends and Ari is personally coaching you using a streamlined program. Join us!



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