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Rob’s Practice Group: Rock Riffs

What is it?

For as long as I’ve been playing and listening to Rock, there is one thing that instantly hooks me to a song. A great riff. Whether it is Classic Rock, Punk, Metal, Grunge, or Prog, the ability to write and play amazing riffs has always been an essential component in Rock. In this course, we will learn 50 of the greatest Riffs ever written and learn exercises to help you create your own.

Is this for me?

Do you wanna Rock? It’s for you!

It is for you if you:

Want to learn Classic Riffs from the ’60s to 2000s

Want to analyze the techniques, tones, note choices, and rhythms that make riffs great

Want to create your own Riffs


You only need basic technique and theory knowledge. All examples will be written out in standard notation and tab.

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