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The Easy Going Practice Groups

What are they?

Easy Going Groups are perfect for anyone who:

  • Prefers learning in a group and under Ari’s guidance
  • Enjoys a low-stress, high-results atmosphere
  • Appreciates the powerful bang-for-your-practice-time-buck you get with these groups
  • Loves Ari’s teaching style and wants to do more with her

They are great add-ons to the cohort or other learning activities you may be doing with Ari. This is not true for all practice groups, but it is true for the Easy Going Groups!

Spend a useful and fun hour on the bass with your buds and Ari!

What are the topics?

We have many repeat visitors in our Easy Going Groups, hence I keep developing new ones.

We always touch on:

  • Important basics from technique to theory
  • Songs – watch for various specific topics (Easy Jazz, anyone?) or the Easy Mix series with a variety of styles
  • Improvisation – to help you find your own voice

Learning Songs

Learning songs is always fun, but in these groups, we go far beyond just ‘showing you the TAB’ – because, quite frankly, if that is all you do, it is a missed opportunity on so many levels.

Instead, we will not only play the bass line but also:

  • analyze the song and the bass line
  • try to understand why the bass line is so effective
  • see if we can figure out how the bass fits into the arrangement
  • use the song’s particularities so you can “play in the style of”
  • practice the bass line over other chord changes

Following this process helps you learn way more than just the song – you learn the whys and hows behind effective and proven bass lines. And that is powerful!

How will this help me?

It will open up creative doors, give you confidence and direction. It will give you fresh ideas and starting points and of course puts repertoire under your fingers.

And who doesn’t enjoy looking for the magic behind a great song? You cannot always pinpoint it, but there is a wealth of information waiting for you to discover – if you know where and how to look for it. 

Is this for me?

We have several levels, including a complete Beginner’s Easy Group. Easy Groups are great for improving your practice routines and holding yourself accountable. They are low-key, yet extremely effective. So, all levels are welcome. (There are select groups that are by invitation only in order to match levels perfectly.) JOIN US!



The Easy Mix Collection

Easy Mix is a collection of fun and educational songs from The Miracles to Play That Funky Music. Most of them you will know and love. See what they have to teach us as we study the bass lines (close-up on Ari’s fretting hand) and then overlay them over a common chord progression.

Low Intermediate to higher Intermediate welcome. A great addition to the Cohort or as a fun stand-alone!

Time: 10 AM Pacific/1PM Eastern 

Starts: February 17th to April 21st

Easy Mix : Pay One Time and Save : $370


Easy Mix : Pay In Two Easy Installments: $195

Easy Jazz

Easy Going Jazz is right for you if you love the Great American Songbook and want to foray into simple walking bass lines. We will start out with a simple blues, then graduate to a Jazz Blues and work our way up to Fly Me to the Moon and Autumn Leaves. This course will go over the Diatonic Cycle, a landmark theory detail. Knowing simple intervals and triads helps, and there will be lots of review of the theory shapes, and of course, lots of practice.

Low Intermediate to higher Intermediate welcome. A great addition to the Cohort or as a fun stand-alone!

Time: 10 AM Pacific/1PM Eastern 

Starts: Fridays – January 28 to April 1st

Easy Jazz : Pay One Time and Save: $370


Easy Jazz : Pay In Two Easy Installments: $195

Easy Going for Starters

Just starting out? Join us in our Easy Going Starter Group! We start out with the most important fundamentals, catch bad habits before they form and open your mind to what making music means and what effective practice looks like. Let Ari show you a path that you can follow, step by step. No prior knowledge required. You will learn how music is put together, how the bass fretboard works, and how to feel the beat and read some notes. You’ll discover some of the useful shapes on the fretboard!

Time: 10AM Pacific  

Starts: Fridays – April 15th  – June 17

Easy Starters: Pay One Time and Save: $370


Easy Starters: Pay In Two Easy Installments: $195


Instructor for This Group

Learn more about Ari as an educator here.

Learn more about Ari as a musician here.





What are Practice Groups and How do they work?

Swing MathThey are a great new way to study with Ari and a select group of teachers!

• Ten Week Groups with a small group of peers
• Meetings every week for 10 weeks live on zoom!
• Specific practice assignments using the accompanying material. Each Practice session gets recorded and stays available to the attendees for the duration of the practice groups plus an additional ten weeks afterward. We post the recordings of the sessions. You can go over the material again and again.

• All you need is an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam. You can test your setup here Zoom is free for you to use!

Our success rate for these groups has been exceptionally high. The group format takes the pressure off and you learn while seeing others work toward the same goal. You are among friends and Ari is personally coaching you using a streamlined program. Join us!


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