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Ari’s Practice Groups: The Theory Course Group

This Course has been going very strong since its inception in 2016. It’s systematic, comprehensive, step-by-step and very thoughtfully put together.

The biggest compliment is that our students do it over and over again – and it makes sense to do that, not only for its rich and layered content. It makes sense because you feel yourself improve. When you did a certain drill for the first time you held on tight to make it. With more facility – either because you are coming in with more experience or because you have done the course before, you will add all sorts of cool stuff to these improv drills, styles analyses, note finders, and more.

If you have purchased the course once, you have lifetime access to the material!

If you need additional support stepping through an online course you can take advantage of the  Cohort which we open at New Year’s (Our New Year’s Cohort)

What is this Practice Group?

If you are going through the course, book, or cohort and are looking for even more support, then you can now participate in our Theory Practice Group. Unlike our installment Plans (for courses and practice groups), this is billed as a membership – so you can start and stop anytime.

The first month is only $35.00 so you can check it out. Subsequent months are just $75.00. You meet for 30 minutes four times a month. Ari packs a punch into 30 minutes.

Watch what effective practice in a short period of time looks like!

  • There are two Groups, A and B. Depending on where in the course you are, it is the right group for you.
    • Group A is currently following along with the 2021 Summer Cohort.
    • Group B is following along with the new 2022 New Year’s Cohort.

Is this for me?

It is for you if you are

  • either in the course
  • or in any of our cohorts
  • or are just a book reader (though getting the course is highly recommended!)


No need to have read the book. No need to have finished the course. If you have, fine, too. These exercises are so deep, even pros get great results from them.

You do need the book.

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