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The Pattern System Live Classes

Learn the Bass Fretboard w/ Ari

The Pattern System - Learn the Bass Fretboard and Sharpen Your Musical Mind

Pattern System with Ari


The Pattern System Live Practice Group

Level 1

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Anyone with basic Theory knowledge and ability to play a major scale may join.

If you have done a prior group, feel free to join again for review.

That said, this group will start from zero.

  • Laying the foundation to master the fretboard – getting used to:
    • drawing patterns
    • visualization
    • relating to the root (ear training)
    • thinking in scale degrees 
  • The Basics for The Open Area
  • Nailing Note Names (slowly but surely!) and why it helps so much
  • The Five Shapes and how to practice them
  • Scalar Studies: simple 2- and 3-note groupings
  • Simple Interval studies, ascending and up
  • Improv using various concepts
    • groove and fill
    • pedal tones
    • cycle improv
    • rhythmic templates
  • Practicing through the Cycle

How is this different to the ongoing Rapid Results Practice in the membership?

Intensity and Time Commitment 
Ongoing Rapid Results Practice sessions are more low key than 10-week practice groups.
Each session stands on its own, whereas with Practice Groups, Week 1 builds on Week 2 and so forth.

Homework and Practicing on Your Own
Ongoing Rapid Results Practice Sessions only require you to show up, bass in hand, and practice along.
In Practice Groups, homework and assignments are given each week, so you will want to spend some time in between sessions to practice and prepare.  

Practice Groups are perfect for anyone desiring to go deeper into a specific topic and its applications.
Rapid Results Practice is perfect for anyone between courses or other Practice Groups and for anyone who is not sure how to practice effectively to begin with. The focus is broad.   

Why this "Pattern System" to learn the bass fretboard?

The Pattern System helps you to master the fretboard at a level you likely never ever thought possible. This complete knowledge of the fretboard is a means to a much more important end – this end goal being training the musical mind.  

Training the musical mind means being able to think ahead. Rather than chasing the notes, letting ideas and inspiration come to you ahead of time. Training the musical mind enables you to tell stories, create musical bass lines, create fitting fills and transitions. 

To explore one’s own musicality is the ultimate thrill – total fretboard proficiency, good technique, and understanding of tonal relationships are the ingredients you need to start creating freely. The first step is to learn the bass fretboard extremely well.

To achieve this level of competency and master the fretboard does not happen overnight – the method is neither casual nor a weekend project but anyone can learn this. I have taught this Pattern System method to hobbyists and pros alike with amazing results. You need to know the basics of music theory (scales – including pentatonics and modes, key signatures, intervals, triads and four-note chords) and have some basic technique (playing scales, triads). The rest is focus, a bit of patience and an open mind!

The Book

The book The Pattern System for The Bass Player – Sharpen Your Musical Mind Through Fretboard Proficiency, Improvisation, and Mental Practice – comes with 111 videos and is a stand-alone method. If you would like personal guidance from Ari as you read it and to learn in community, join the live classes!

I have been teaching this powerful Pattern System for decades. With the book published, I started teaching it in small groups and discovered that the group dynamic actually much accelerated learning.

The groups go through the Blueprint For Practice Sections in the Book (and beyond). Improvisation and Mental Practice being the hallmarks of this method, in addition to the patterns themselves, the learning curves are monumental. There is absolutely no faster, deeper and more focused way to master the fretboard than this. I have learned over the years what common sticking points are (see the FAQ sections in the book) and keeping things grounded with improvisation drills makes it all applicable and practical.

What does the Pattern System do for me?

  • It helps you learn the bass fretboard.
  • You know exactly where every note is. You can name it in an instant and you know how it relates to the root.
  • Common chord progressions (as we practice them in the later chapters) become second nature.
  • You can confidently play all over the neck in any key.
  • Mental practice is a powerful learning alley that turbocharges your practice outcomes.
  • Your technique soars as you do scalar studies, interval drills, and more.
  • It fosters creativity by offering a unique angle on improvisation and the use of these shapes in grooves, fills, and improvisations.
  • It teaches you how to become your own highly effective practice coach.
  • It helps you use the metronome to make sure you are not making unconscious thinking pauses.
  • Most importantly, it teaches you to be able to think ahead while playing. This helps you relax into the moment and invites the flow.

How much practicing do I need to do?

  • You will meet online once a week with Ari and the group. 
  • A concise Homework guide tells you exactly what to practice and how! Most exciting, it turns you into a master-practicer so your efficiency soars!
  • Reserve 45 minutes five times a week for the Pattern System and you will do very well!

Is this Pattern System live class for me?

Are you interested in deeply improving, the fastest way possible? Do you want to learn the bass fretboard deeply and completely and train your musical mind? Then yes.

Prerequisites are basic playing technique and foundational music theory knowledge.

This is an in-depth study and not a weekend affair, but anyone can learn this. And if you go for it and follow along, it will transform your practicing and your playing!

You will need the book for this Group.

Which Pattern System Level is right for me?

Even as an advanced player you will want to sign up for Level 1 as it is Level 1 in the method.  
Starting at Level 1 is a prerequisite unless you have taken private one-on-ones with Ari or prior groups before. Email us through the contact tab if you think you qualify.  

You can always repeat a level as well. Many students do this as there is a lot of material that gets covered and many appreciate being able to go over it again. 

Each Level moves at its own pace and each group turns out a little differently, as I am always watching the students very carefully. 

Levels become tightly knit communities who support each other strongly. We often talk about struggles on the path, how to deal with self doubt and other challenges. 

I am always amazed at the level of support, encouragement and understanding attendees give each other. As friends on the path and from the view point of fellow learners, they often have much to add to help each other. 

Levels do not move consecutively. Once you finished Levels 1 and 2, you can jump into any higher level. This is because we work on applications of the patterns, creativity, mental practice and musicality (in addition to more Pattern Practice). 

Level 6

For those who have completed all previous levels 1-5 may join.

  • This is an exciting place to be – you understood the basics of this system. The fretboard is becoming more and more yours. You appreciate how much it takes to really be able to have all chords and scales available at your finger tips. And you are getting closer and closer now!

    Plenty of combinations of scalar drills, connection exercises and diagonal drills remain – we will continue on the familiar path we are on! And, there is also reason to celebrate: you are now able to use all this hard-earned fretboard gold and put it to musical use.  

    In these levels we focus on musicality, expression and leading yourself and others through a meaningful musical experience!

    • Making friends with the thought that you (yes, you!) have a musical story to tell
    • How to find your story (we start simple and small!)
    • how to overcome internal voices of self doubt and sabotage and how to find what you “have to say” 
    • Explorations on how to express your musicality using words, focus exercises and stories
    • Thematic development
    • How to become an effective performer and guide the audience experience energetically
    • How to comp effectively for soloists
    • Creativity sparks – rhythmic, theory, sounds, scale degrees, intervals – and weaving them into coherent story lines
    …and much, much more, not the least of which is to master the fretboard. 
  • Watch for New Groups! Starting Soon!
  • One-time tuition $370.00
  • Two Installments $195.00

Level 2

Join Level 1 after Level 2.
Qualified students may join if you have read most of the book or have had prior lessons with Ari.

  • Continued practice in the Open Area and Area 1
  • Area 2 (new place, same shapes!)
  • Cheater Beats and Skippy
  • Mandalas and Zones
  • Typical practicing challenges
  • Scalar Studies:  interval studies, now also descending and up and mixed motion
  • Improv using various new concepts
    • The story about the Donut
    • Common tones in Major Third progressions
    • Contrasting tones in major third progressions
  • Zones of Learning and Success Strategies
  • Why the Patterns are NOT the modes
  • Connection Exercises! – The gold standard!
Ariane Cap Pattern System Level 2
  • Saturdays at 1:00PM Pacific/4:00 PM Eastern Starting soon
  • One-time Tuition $370.00
  • Two Installments $195.00

Level 3

  • Diatonic Triads and Four-Note-Chords (just 5 shapes each covers all!)
  • Continued Area and Pattern Drills, Areas Open, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Thinking ahead!
  • Connection Exercises with triads 
  • The diatonic cycle – why it is the ultimate shortcut
  • Improvised Explorations:
    • modes
    • becoming familiar with emotional effects of notes 
    • improvising inside a key (common chords)
    • no longer chasing the notes, but pre-hearing them
  • Diagonal playing and connecting patterns up the neck
  • Drills on individual strings
  • Pentatonics (just 5 shapes covers all!) 
  • Be your own coach using this system!
  • Watch for next Class here Starting soon
  • One-time Tuition $370.00
  • Two Installments $195.00
  • Fridays at 11:00 AM Starting Soon
  • One-time Tuition $370.00
  • Two Installments $195.00

How Live Classes Work

    • Welcome to Ten Week Live Classes with a small group of peers LIVE on zoom or doozzoo with Ari or a handpicked teacher!

        • Meetings every week for 10 weeks!  
        • Specific practice assignments clearly described. 
        • Each Live Class gets recorded and stays available to the attendees for the duration of the class plus an additional ten weeks afterwards.
        • These classes are highly interactive – practice together with me and hear yourself only as everyone is on mute!  
        • We offer many opportunities to play in front of the group to those who would like to do so. While it is always your choice, we always encourage you to volunteer to present your assignment.
        • You can post written homework to our discussion boards.
        • Our success rate for these groups has been exceptionally high. This is because the group format takes the pressure off and you learn while seeing others work toward the same goal. You are among friends and your teacher is personally coaching you using a streamlined program.  
        • Some of our groups have been together for 40 weeks or longer. The sense of community, encouragement and support is amazing. 
        • All you need is an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam (many computers have these built in already).  

Membership Perks

    • You can take part in this Practice Group without becoming a member. However, if you do, you may join additional live classes with Ari if you choose to and you save substantially in tuition.

    • Membership is ongoing and you can start and stop at any time by going into your account settings. 

    • If you participate in a practice group using the membership discount option you are required to stay a member until the end of the ten weeks in order to not be charged full price.  

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