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Aris Bass Blog Inviting Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen Tapping

Josh is an amazing musician, master tapper, and fantastic educator. He is a pioneer as an artist and a passionate, and smart teacher. I love his playing and I love his brand new book, too!

We are thrilled that he has agreed to teach a practice group to our community here.

Please help me welcome Josh!

Join a practice group and learn tapping with Josh Cohen

  • Are you new to tapping?
  • Have you ever watched some of your favorite bassists create unimaginable multilayered grooves emulating an entire rhythm section and been blown away?
  • Have you thought to yourself “whoa, that’s really cool, but could I ever really learn to do that? It looks so complicated?”

The answer is YES… you can!

Josh Cohen says:

I have had many students who were complete beginners at tapping and within a matter of months with the proper instruction were playing, composing and arranging things they never dreamed of. The benefits of learning this technique go far beyond the technique itself.

Learning to tap is not about flashy playing, it is about gaining a greater understanding of rhythm, textures, harmony, and all the elements of music in a way that is all-encompassing by strengthening your mental and physical independence as expressed on your instrument.

Come join my Introduction to Tapping Practice Group and begin your tapping journey!

This Class will be taught on four-string! ⏪

All Basses and string numbers welcome!


How it Works

• Ten Week Groups with a small group of peers LIVE on zoom with Josh Cohen
• Meetings every week for 10 weeks!
• Specific practice assignments using the accompanying material. Each Practice session gets recorded and stays available to the attendees for the duration of the practice groups plus an additional ten weeks afterward.


  • No tapping pre-requisite is needed. If this is new to you, come on in!
  • Basic playing ability and foundational music theory knowledge is a great starting point.
  • Intermediate and experienced players looking to learn to tap are particularly encouraged.
  • All you need is an internet connection, your bass, and your amp. Make a free account with zoom.us. Test your setup at zoom.us/test

The Book by Josh Cohen is required for this class. Get it worldwide on Amazon.

Tapping Grooves: Vol.1: Electric Bass Play-along with Transcriptions

Josh Cohen Tapping


Tuesdays 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern/7PM UK

Starts September 21 2021 and runs for ten weeks (no class Thanksgiving Week)


Don’t forget to input joshtap15 during check out until August 31st!


Watch Josh play and have your mind blown…

If you have never seen him play watch a few videos…

Leave your appreciation in the comments!


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